Thank you – 100 times

Hi there

Just a really quick one today. I hit 100 followers yesterday.


Now I know some blogs have thousands of followers and 100 might sound like a tiny number to some, but to me it’s unbelieveable



I started this as nothing more than a place to empty my head, a place to call my own. I never once suspected anyone would read what I wrote. And then when friends started to read links I posted on my Facebook I was supremely flattered and touched that anyone would take the time. But when strangers started not only reading my stuff, but subscribing to it. Well. I can’t really explain how humbled this made me feel.

In reality know I have more than 100 “followers” (I hate that term, makes me sound like a cult!). I have those who read links I post on FB or Twitter and like a good magazine I have those who read my blog from links that others have shared. My sister in law tells me that everyone in the salon where she works is following my SW journey through her. My friend in Moscow shares my journey with her parents back in the UK. It’s how the internet works. But to see the number there, in black and white – well it blew me away.

So I just wanted to say thank you really. A great big massive


Whether I know you read my blog or not, whether you’re here for the parenting stuff or the SW journey, whether you read every week or just dip in and out. Whatever bought you here. I want you to know that this blog has changed my life. And you are a part of that.

So once again.

Thank you


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