Emotional Vs The Planner

Sometimes I’m a planner. I make lists and I agonise over stuff for days, I am careful and considered.

Then sometimes I’m impulsive. Rash and spontaneous, dealing with the fall out, whatever that may be, later. I move on instinct and am motivated by my emotions.

And sometimes the planner in me hates my emotional impulsive side. It hates that she doesn’t think these things through and gives her all the worst case scenarios after the fact. As if to say, “tut tut tut. I told you so – look what might happen, you silly girl”. And the emotional me gets sad and feels bad and stupid and thoroughly chastised.

But sometimes, just sometimes the emotional me triumphs. Whatever has been jumped on works, the gut feeling, the impulse was so right. It results in outcomes the planner would never have achieved. Those days the emotional impulsive side sticks her tongue out, blows raspberries at the planner and feels like a queen.

She also tells the planner it should listen to her more often, trust her, use her.

Cos sometimes she is bang on the money!

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