Mummy Karma

Whether you think of it as what goes around comes around, do as you would be done by, or just simple Karma, I believe that what you put out in the world, stays out there and one day will revisit you.

For example I am 100% sure Car Park Karma exists. One Christmas we spent ages, driving round and round the Waitrose car park in Farnham, with no success and blood pressures rising. I then saw a lady drop her glove as she walked past us, so I nudged Ben to wind down the window and tell her, which he did. She thanked us profusely and we carried on our search. Within a minute we found a space, that was not only exactly where we needed to be, but that was held for us, by another shopper when someone tried to sneak in it from the other side. One good turn and all that.

And the more time I spend as a mother, and more to the point with other mothers, and surrounded by children, the more I am convinced Mummy Karma is a real thing too. Seriously I do. The more good things you do as a mother, the more you stock up the positive bank of mummy karma. I’m happy to help mothers with their children whenever I can, both out and about or in our own homes. Be that having a child to my house so their mum can go to an older sibling’ concert or picking up a child who has fallen when their mama is too pregnant to bend. I do it because that’s who I am, but also I like to think that if I was ever in a fix myself I could cash in some of my positive karma chips when I really needed it. From help with childcare, or just some supportive understanding, whatever I might need I like to think it’d be out there for me, somewhere in the Universe.

So if your child hurls a cup of water all over the table, and the bag, and the floor and me, deal with them as you see fit (everyone’s got their way) but don’t worry about me. I’m sure my son will tip a bag of Twiglets all over you soon enough. I don’t get angry about what your son does, because a) he’s yours to deal with and b) my son will do just the same one day and I would hope whoever he does it to would be as understanding.

Don’t apologise about never finishing a conversation in one sitting. Jeez Louise I can’t remember the last time I managed a full, beginning to end, conversation while Oscar was around. So it takes ten attempts for you to tell me about your new nursery? It’ll take me just as long to tell someone else a funny anecdote that, to anyone other than a mother, wouldn’t be worth the time to hear.

I’m convinced that this collective understanding is what allows us to be surrounded by these tiny beings who are pushing their boundaries and practising their spacial awareness skills without going bonkers. Without it we wouldn’t get through the day. And I like to think it shows our children tolerance, something I know I’m keen to teach my little buddy.

BUT. Should my son, or me for that matter, accidentally knock your child to the floor cos we’re not looking where we’re going, accept our heartfelt apology and move on. I know, and so should you, that you’ll be having to do the same one day soon. Snatching your child away and glaring at either me or my boy will a) just make you look like a dick and b) come back to bite you on the ass. Of that I am sure.

So bank some positive mummy karma today. You’ll be grateful you did tomorrow.


Yup - fair play to Mummy Karma

Yup – fair play to Mummy Karma



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  1. Really enjoyed reading this and definitely believe in Mummy Karma too.
    I believe in Sibling Karma too. Many a time karma pays my eldest a visit when she is mean to her little sister.

  2. Hahahaha, well written lovely! Seriously though, you are right, I’m a big believer in what goes around comes around, and do believe in Karma. What you put out you will get back in spades. Thanks so much for linking this up to #allaboutyou xx

  3. hannah mum's days says:

    Ha!! I love this, what a great post 🙂 And I agree 100% I’m the most laid-back mama there is going but I’m going to start channelling these good feelings towards others more now I think! Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutYou xxx

    • Thank you so much Hannah! Its not always easy to be sure, but I can’t tell you how much ‘understanding’ my boy causes me to need so anything that helps I’m up for hahaha! Glad it made you smile and thanks for highlighting my post #honoured #AllAboutMe

  4. Totally agree lovely, the world would be a much better place if we were just nice to each other! #effitfriday

  5. Completely agree – karma is going to bite you if you are mean. Karma is biting me right now thinking that I’d get both boys to bed….

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