Slimming World Update – Week 55


Hows your week been? Mine’s been fab. Busy in the best kind of way, seeing some wonderful friends and getting loads done. My favourite kind of week. I went out on Saturday with my buddy Jo and without Oscar. It was so nice to just talk, without having to have one eye elsewhere in the room and to finish a sentence in the first attempt! We went to the Thai Terrace in Guildford. The weather wasn’t super sunny, but it was warm so we sat outside. The view was lovely. Having not been out for Thai in so long, I got a bit baffled by the menu and just went with whatever Jo had, meaning I got a delicious Pad Thai with Prawns and a four piece starter of things on sticks. Had I had my wits about me I know there were better things I could have chosen, but I decided it I’d just enjoy it and reduce my syns for the rest of the week. Which is what I did. I was straight back on plan after that meal, eating less than 15 syns every day. It was fine.

View from The Thai Terrace in Guildford

Which I why I was astounded and completely baffled (seriously I can’t explain how baffled I was and to some extent still am) when I got on the scales last night and saw I had gained 3.5lb!!

I wont lie to you, I had a bit of a cry on the way home. You can be as circumspect and objective as you like in group, but I felt so, well, cheated is probably the best way to describe it. I hand on heart did nothing different last week (bar one meal) than I did the week before (when I lost 6.5lb!). I know it averages a loss of 3lb over two weeks, but that wasn’t much comfort last night when I so desperately wanted to get my next award. Ah well. So now I have lost 6 Stone 1lb (89lb).

Normally I’d just say, OK on wards and downwards 😉 , but this coming week is a bit different. We’re going on our first holiday in three years on Tuesday. It’s only a mini break (I wrote about it here if you’re interested), but it is totally catered. I can go with a sensible head on, but I know I am not going to be able to stay completely on plan. I could stress about this, but do you know what? I’ve worked bloody hard for the last three years, both carrying and looking after my son full time. I deserve a couple of days relaxation. I’m not going to go mad (my tastes have changed too much to that to be honest) but I’m not going to let my time be ruined by feeling anxious about what I eat. I will however be straight back to it when I return though, that I can promise.

I’m have also decided to take my first ever Slimming World holiday since I started, meaning I shan’t be weighing in this coming week. It feels a bit weird actually. I’ve not missed a single weigh in since I started over a year ago. We’ll see how it goes.

So as I am going on holiday, and due to the lack of weigh in, there will be no update next week. In fact I plan to take a complete break from blogging next week. Again that’s something I’ve not done in over a year. I do hope you understand. Although I say I’m not going to blog, I may not be able to help myself 😉 Lets see how it goes eh?!

Ending on a positive note I just wanted to tell you about my latest purchase. I have been in that Joules again! tut tut Lisa! But seriously this was the only top I found all day that just looked and felt right, what can I say? Pssst (she whispers) Oh yeah and it’s a size 16 and I bloody adore it hehehe.

'Rose' Top Joules Size 16

‘Rose’ Top Joules Size 16


Have an awesome couple of weeks guys.

See you soon!





  1. Sarah Motley says:

    Am annoyed for you, seems bizarre and unfair but you looked amazing and so slim in your new top today so try not to be discouraged. Have a fab time next week, can’t wait to hear all about it.

    S xx

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