Slimming World Update – Week 61

Hiya! How ya’ been?

I’ve not been too bad as it goes. Nothing as exciting as jaunts up to London to report this week, more of a standard mummy week. Some difficult, some lovely times with my boy. That sort of thing.

Can I ask a question? If you’re on any sort of weight loss journey, do you weigh yourself in between weigh ins? I do. I try and try not to. My scales aren’t professionally calibrated and I know my weight fluctuates throughout the week, everyones does. But I just can’t help myself. And it’s a mug’s game I can tell you. Some weeks it can give false hope for a great result, and other times it gives you an unnecessarily negative view of the week’s progress. What it rarely does is give you the true picture. So why do I do it? Like this week. I weighed myself at home and my scales told me I’d gained 1.5lb. This didn’t come as a massive shock Perhaps it was London catching up with me or maybe it was the way I’d been guesstimating my syns a little bit too much. Either way I was not surprised, but I was downhearted. Particularly, as I’d had a really stressful week with the boy and not once had I given in to chocolate’s silky siren song. No matter how much I wanted it. No matter how hard I’d fought my internal demons (to the point of rooting me to the spot – I physically couldn’t move I was raging so much inside). To see I’d gained anyway was just so annoying. So when I took the boy to the Hen House on Tuesday I decided if I was going to have gained anyway, I wanted it to be because of something worth talking about. So I had a piece of Carrot Cake. The most delicious Carrot Cake I think I’ve ever had. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. In a devil may care, renegade kind of way.

Worth gaining for?

Worth gaining for?

I went to weigh in thoroughly expecting at least a 1.5lb gain (if not more!) and I’d lost 2lb! Taking my total lost to 6 Stone 4lb. And I was thrilled. But I know the false vision my scales at home gave me did me no real favours. Maybe that 2lb could have been 2.5lb if I’d not had the cake (as I wouldn’t normally). Don’t get me wrong I’m really happy with a 2lb loss, but I know I need to stop weighing myself midweek. It’s doing no one any favours. Except perhaps the purveyors of fine cakes 😉

So this week I’m setting myself two goals. The first is to lose 1lb. I’m still on track to get to 7 Stone by losing 10lb before Christmas in 14 weigh ins. The next is to NOT weigh myself at home, even once, in the coming week. I’m going scales cold turkey, as it were. Can you hold me to that? Thanks. I’ll let you know how I get on.

And this week I’m hoping any craving for chocolate can be dealt with using the new SW Double Choc Crisp Hi-Fi bars. Have you tried them yet? 3 syns each or 2 bars for a HEB. I don’t know about you, but the name didn’t really inspire me that much, I have to say. But the taste? Wow. They’re properly delicious and I can see the really chocolatey flavour dealing with any cravings. Although in the interest of conducting a full and thorough experiment, I did have to buy two boxes worth. Just to be on the safe side you understand 😉 . If you’re a Slimming World member they should be in your group now. I heartily recommend giving them a try and if you like them, tell SW! These are currently a Limited Edition bar, but if enough people like them they might make them standard stock. And that would be just super!

Double Choc Crisp Hi-Fi Light - 3 syns each or 2 bars for a HEB

Double Choc Crisp Hi-Fi Light – 3 syns each or 2 bars for a HEB

Have a great week, not weighing yourself!


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