Slimming World Update – Week 63


Another week another post. Not a particularly exciting one this week I’m afraid. I have some pretty serious stuff going on in my life right now. I don’t want to go into it any further, but suffice to say that whilst I really want to keeping writing, I can’t quite face being the perky, shiny, happy, positive peep you normally find here at the moment. Sorry.


I had an unusual week last week. Ben’s mum came to visit and very kindly offered to babysit, meaning Ben and I got to go out on our own for the first time since February. We went to ASK Italian in Haslemere and for the first time since I started SW, back in July 2013. I had a pizza. Actually I had olives, some bread, pizza AND profiteroles. And wine. So much wine (which thankfully didn’t give me a headache!)


Vegetarian Pizza with rocket. Getting that superfree in there 😉

So much wine!

So much wine!

So when I saw I gained 1.5lb this week I was thrilled. Thrilled it wasn’t more! It’s still a total of 6 Stone 4lb and I had a wonderful evening. It was worth it and I’m still on track to reach 7 stone by Christmas (just).

To finish (told you it wasn’t very interesting) I wanted to share this picture. I’ve not shared the side view picture I took in Oct 2013 before as it was just too awful, but look at the difference today – 4 Stone 7lb difference to be exact. Whenever I’ve wanted to feel dissapointed in my choices this week I’ve looked at this.

Oct 2013 to Sept 2014

Oct 2013 to Sept 2014


Have a great week.



  1. Joy @ says:

    Wow. You’re progress was amazing and that meal you enjoyed sounds wonderful. Sometimes you need to have a little too much wine.

  2. Dang Girl Look at that Progress!!!!! that is so amazing! Way to go!

  3. Weight loss is a marathon, one which we often sabotage our results and one which is made difficult because most people only measure there success by the scale which moves up and down considerably, independent of the amount of fat we have on our bodies. So, we can be eating according to plan for 3 days and gain a pound (due to water retention, food in the gut or whatever) and we get discouraged and go off plan because it isn’t ‘working’. Or, we can eat off plan and lose a pound and think, “gee, I can eat a giant cookie every day and lose weight”, which isn’t true unless it happens to fit within your caloric budget.

    In any case, take measurements of your waste, thighs and arms every week, in addition to your scale weight and keep taking those pictures! As long as you are shrinking, you are on the right path. Keep it up! The more ways you can measure success, the less likely you are to be fooled by the scale (for good or bad).

    And, if you want to make great pizza at home, well, check out these posts — you can control the calories much better if you control the toppings. I suggest weighing the cheeses and shredding them as you use a lot less cheese and get a fantastic pizza as well.
    Making Perfect Pizza At Home
    Perfect Pizza The Long Version

  4. Lisa, I applaud you, your focus is fantastic! You are an inspiration to people, because of your honesty and great advice, not just because of your fantastic weight loss! We have to take the good with the bad or the good just wouldn’t seem so good and you take it on the chin and deal with it. Feel an inner warmth, its the bit of smugness you deserve!

    • Sarah-Jane! Thank you so very much sweetie I really appreciate that! I shall go feel that inner warmth while I’m cooking Singapore Noodles from the Family Feasts book tonight! xx

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