Slimming World Update – Week 76

So just a quicky from me today as I’m sure you all have stuff to do like drinking champers and seeing the new year in!

I had my first weigh in after Christmas last night and I knew it was going to make me wince. I could feel it in my clothes and see it in the mirror! We had a lovely Christmas just the three of us at home with our carefully chosen cheeses and chocolate and Baileys (so much Baileys) and wine. And then there was my nemesis, the bread. We basically sat on the sofa for a week and whilst we in no way gorged, we ate the kinds of things I haven’t eaten for a year! To begin with it felt wonderful. Relaxed and peaceful and decadent. By the end of the week I was miserable, visibly bloated and beyond tired. I should have known a whole week would be too much. And it was. I gained 10.5lb. Seriously. Wowsers.

So I’m not happy about it (of course I’m not) but I’m not too down and I don’t feel in any way guilty. I didn’t stick to my plans and I have to deal with the consequences. And I’m ok with that. How can I be anything else?

I’m back in the saddle now, despite it being New Years Eve. Being parents of a young child we’re not going out or doing anything exciting this evening, so that gives me plenty of control over what we eat and drink. I’ll have one glass of bubbles to welcome the New Year in, but that’ll be me. I’m cooking the most gorgeous looking Sirloin steaks for dinner, with syn free chips and roasted vegetables and I can’t wait.

I’m not looking to lose the whole 10.5lb in a week (it wouldn’t be realistic for me to say I was), but I do hope to have at least something of a loss this week. And going back to normal eating from Brie and Butter I would hope so! One thing I’m not going to try this week though is the Slimming World new boost plan, SP.

Slimming World have just reissued their member packs and I got mine last night. Not huge amounts have changed, red and green days have been phased out in favour of the Extra Easy I’ve been following since the beginning, so that doesn’t really bother me. Some syn values have been reassessed and updated which is great. The biggest change as far as I can see is the introduction of a boost plan, for the times when your weight loss is maybe at a standstill or you need a little extra help. SP has replaced Success Express, which I had a modicum of success following once or twice, and should not be followed for more than 7 days at a time. If you’re a member you’ll have all the info in your books, but basically it’s eating meals that are half protein and half vegetables. It removes the carb element entirely. I think I might give it a go once Ben is back at work and things have settled down a bit. Being something of a carb lover, I can see it being something of a challenge for me, but I have undone a lot of hard work this week and I don’t want it to take months to get back to where I was and beyond. So if this can help, all to the good.

As the new member packs came with new books, we were given the choice to get new stickers to replace the ones on our old books. I definitely wanted to, each award sticker means so much. Needless to say I was stood there covering my new book in stickers until everyone else had left. It was a nice feeling and reminded me just how far I’d come. And my new book looks fab!
The only sticker I couldn’t replace was my Greatest Loser from last year, but I know it’s there in spirit 😉


So here’s to a fab New Years Eve whatever you’re doing. I won’t start getting all philosophical about the new year on you. People do seem to use the coming of a new year to start projects and I’m not really sure why. If it needs doing, surely it needs doing any time of the year, right? That said however, if you do want to make some changes this coming year, I hope you find the strength to face the reality of the situation and take the first (and most important) step towards that goal, whatever it may be.

For me it’ll be situation normal. I’ve still got so far to go, but you know me. I just keep on, keeping on. Me and Slimming World will keep on losing this weight and I’d love to start doing more exercise this year. As my group and core stability now clash I’m looking for a new Pilates class, but that’s just to start. Who knows where this year will take my body!

Happy New Year you gorgeous people



  1. Oh dear, that gain must have been so disheartening, but at least you knew what happened to cause it. My Christmas gain probably would have been similar if we hadn’t ended up with the stomach flu! You’ve done so well overall though – just look at all those shineys!

    • mrssavageangel says:

      Ahh thanks my love. Yes it was a kick in the teeth and no mistake. But ho hum. Back on it now with new goals in mind. How awful for you all to get ill after Christmas tho. Hope you didn’t get sick while you were away.

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