Slimming World Update – Week 89

Hi guys

Just a quick update this week.

So I don’t know if any of you follow me on Instagram, but if you do you’ll know I spent the past week uploading pictures of my meals – not normally something I do. I thought perhaps if I could keep a visual diary it might help me stay focussed AND get a little accountability back in my life. If you do follow me, this is the kind of thing you’ll have seen:



My lunches and dinners have all been fully on plan and optimised to the max. The only syns in any of these was in the sweet chilli sauce in the noodles. Boom!

Only this wasn’t all I was eating. Yes my meals were all bang on, but in between? What I like to call the hidden food? The bits and snacks no on sees you eating? Yeah, they’re the ones that caused me to gain 3lb this week.


I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately. I just cant stick to it. Some days I can’t, some days I just don’t want to (and mark me there is a difference). I’ve taken a food diary this week and I fully intended to use it. It’s Friday already and I haven’t written a single thing down. No point in lying, I haven’t. I had a syn free dinner last night and am currently preparing one for tonight (my favourite Pepperpot Stew, with green beans and rice) but I know I’ve gone over my syns yesterday and today. And if I’m being honest I know tomorrow probably wont be totally food optimised either.

I feel a bit like I’m unravelling. It’s all well and good saying ‘Oh yes I’m going to do this and this and wont do this and blah blah blah’, but if it comes down to the crunch and you do the opposite it’s just all bluster and hot air. Good intentions never helped anyone lose weight.

Sorry this hasn’t been more positive. It’s hard to inspire others when you don’t even have the inspiration to help yourself.





  1. Hi Lisa! You are not alone. I am in exactly the same place at the moment and I am at a loss about how to pick it up again. Xx

    • mrssavageangel says:

      Oh Corrin, I just want to give you a massive hug. What has happened to us lady? Where did all our fire go? We need to catch up soon, when are you free?

  2. Hi Lisa, I can totally relate to how you feel at then moment. Maintaining is manageable but loosing seems impossible. In my opinion the best thing you can do is keep going to your meetings because as long as you are going you are not giving up. Give time and you will get back on track. You have done hugely well already xx

    • mrssavageangel says:

      Hey honey! I do keep going to group, it’s an evening out if nothing else hahaha. Maintaining would be OK at this point I just want to stop doing stupid stuff that’s going to result in gains! You’ve done so brilliantly. I think you look amazing!

  3. Susan Newbery says:

    Hi Lisa, you really are not on your own, about being motivated. You know when we talk in group about how we all deal with our motivation or lack of it. You have a lot to deal with at the moment, coming to terms with Oscar’s problems, without worrying about if you eat something you shouldn’t have, I sometimes think the more you worry about it the more you eat. You know how disappointed I have been at not losing weight, In fact gaining weight and I hadn’t eaten any sins, so at least you know why you have gained. I am coming up to a bad time in the next week, as it’s the anniversary of my Daughter’s death, so will be struggling not to go off the rails myself. But I am going to try and be strong and stay on plan. Don’t beat yourself up my Darling, because looking at your photo’s pre Slimming World and now, quite frankly you look amazing. So always remember this is just a little blip, you have lost lots already and you will lose the rest when your ready. People that are fortunate enough not to have to diet, never know how hard it is to lose weight, haven’t got a clue what it’s like to have to live a life of having to always make choices with food. Keep going Lisa, it really is a pleasure listening to your hints and tips each week. I think you are a lovely person and hope you make it to the end of your weight journey, don’t ever stop being you. Lots of Love Susan xxxxx

    • mrssavageangel says:

      Oh Susan, thank you. I know you have a difficult time coming up and I do hope you are able to draw on the strength of your gorgeous family, who love you so much, to help you through it. Life sucks sometimes and sometimes something has to give a little to allow the rest to happen. I really appreciate all our group and the friends I have made, it really is a great support to me. I’m so pleased to hear you enjoy hearing me drivel on! I shall continue to do so, just for you 😉 Hope Easter has been a good one, if not an easy one. xxxx

  4. Oh, Lisa, you’re definitely not alone. I’m exactly the same – sticking to plan for meals, but eating all my syns (plus many more) in between. I worked my way through most of a box of cereal in one day earlier in the week and I keep eating Pumpkin’s cereal bars too.

    I also gained three pounds this week.

    Personally, I feel that it takes a lot of concentration to lose weight. Probably because I tend to eat without thinking about it. If my head’s not in it 100 percent, I don’t stick to plan. I know you’ve had other things on your mind lately, so it’s hard to keep on plan.

    Remember, though, every good choice you make has a bearing on your weight too. So all those healthy dinners are helping, even if you’re having trouble the rest of the time. You’ll get there. You’ve done so well already! xx

    • mrssavageangel says:

      Thanks petal. Cereal is often my downfall too! I think it’s being at home so much. If I was in an office, away from a constant supply of food, it’d be so much easier! Ahh well. Thank you for the point about the on plan meals counting towards something. You’re right. I don’t know, this time of year is hard (but then which time of year isn’t?) Now that Oscar’s birthday and Easter are over I plan to concentrate more on me. Something needs to happen, that’s for sure. Hope you had a lovely Easter and give a squidge to that gorgeous girlie of yours for me!

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