Colour Me Happy at Millie Jones Haslemere

It’s been a tough couple of months. I may have mentioned that. I look in the mirror and I no longer like what I see. Yes I’ve gained weight, but I’ve also lost the sparkle I once had. I’m tried and I recently came to the conclusion that I was owed a little pick me up. A friend recently asked me to babysit later in December and in return offered to look after Oscar while Ben and I went out. An impending Date Night gave me the perfect excuse to do something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

My hair is getting really long and, touch all the wood, at the age of very nearly 37, is still relatively grey free (I find the occasional ones, but it’s still few enough that I can pull them out). However the longer it gets the less I’m liking it. It’s starting to look, well, frumpy. So I decided to have a trawl of the Pinterests and see what could be done to long brown hair to zjuzh it up a bit. How gorgeous is this?

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

I found a couple of images and took them down to my hairdresser, Millie Jones Hair in Haslemere. I’ve written before about how much I love my salon and I knew if I was going to take a step back into the world of hair colour I wanted Millie holding the colouring brush. After all this lady has coloured Nigella’s hair and if it’s good enough for my food idol, it’s good enough for me 😉

We agreed at my consultation to get some subtle golden highlights going on with a brown gloss for shine and even colour. It sounded great, but I think I was just as excited to spend some time away from home, in the calm and elegant environment of the salon.

And relax....

And relax….

Virgin hair, ready to colour

Virgin hair, ready to colour

While she got to work we chatted about this and that, as you do. Christmas, shopping, it was just lovely to not talk about Oscar (well of course I did a bit ?). We agreed we’d start subtley with the colour, as my long hair is completely uncoloured at the moment. Millie couldn’t get over the good condition of my hair (*blush*). She said she could hardly think of any virgin hair she’d had to dye since opening the salon a year ago! A rare treat ?

Ooo I see a cheeky peek of colour!

Ooo I see a cheeky peek of colour!

When the colour was finished Millie handed me over to Paris and Kate to finish the styling at the new Blow Dry bar. I have to say I have never heard of such a thing before, but apparently they’re all the rage up in London. I know my friends and I have said in the past how we can never get our hair to look as good as when someone else styles it. And now Millie Jones have extended the salon and have a section for doing just that. £20 for a wash and blow dry? Why would you ever style your own hair, particularly for an event or a party, ever again?

The blow dry bar

The blow dry bar


Although the blow dry bar doesn’t usually involved curling, I asked Kate if she would quickly curl the finished coloured hair for me and she happily did so. Isn’t it pretty?

A cheeky mermaid curl

A cheeky mermaid curl with a peep of gold highlight

I really enjoyed my time with Millie Jones this weekend and I like the colour, but do you know what? I thought I wanted subtle, but I think next time I might be a bit bolder and go for more colour. What do you think?


Thank you to the whole team at Millie Jones. I was given a free colour in exchange for an honest write up.

I was not paid to write this post. As always all opinions are my own.





  1. Looks absolutely beautiful! I definitely know how you feel. Sometimes I consume myself with being a Mother and forget to look after myself and we all deserve a treat at the end of the day! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

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