My Half Term Artist

Half term has been and gone, and much as I kind of dread school holidays and how we’re all going to cope, this half term was super. I think a week, with enough distraction, is just enough for him. And it’s just enough that I don’t resort to the iPad all day every day!

Dont get me wrong he was on the iPad a fair amount. Especially in the mornings when he’d been up since five and mama seriously couldn’t be doing with “building a bigger track” right now. Am I the only one whose child seems to wake up fully ‘on’? It’s like he’s got some internal flip switch, that I just don’t have!

Anywho once I had come around sufficiently, we had some really great days this half term. Lots of joint interactions, some of which lasted ages. I did my heart good to see him really collaborating with me and really showed me how far he’s come since starting school.

We did all sorts last week, from trips to the park, to train rides, to hair cuts to meeting up with friends. All of which was wonderful. But really the things I enjoyed the best were the days when we turned to the art cupboard.

When Oscar left Nursery back in July, he still wasn’t drawing anything, despite his well developed fine motor skills, and the artwork that came home was only ever daubs of colour. As the Educational Psychlogist noted, he still wasn’t engaging in any “meaningful mark making”.

That all started to change almost as soon as he started school and over the last term the paintings and drawings have been becoming more and more recognisable. And not only is he now drawing things both he and others can identify, he loves it. And I mean LOVES it. So last Tuesday we spent a couple of hours with pads of paper and markers and he went for it. Each image he drew, I cut it out and he’d blu-tac it to the wall.

And before long the walls were covered.

The aquatic wall, including fish, sharks, “shark whales” and even a squid! All named by Oscar

Sodor. Can you see the steam and the tenders? So detailed!

Alllll of the rockets. Blast Off!

I worked out that over the course of the week (as he added a few more here and there over the week) he drew 44 fish, 31 engines and 24 rockets. And 4 ambulances, randomly. He’s nothing if not prolific!

Yes he has his favourite subjects, but these marks ARE meaningful. I kind of wish the EP could see them. I think they’re ruddy glorious!

Obviously when he went back to school I needed a bit of my own space back and yes I did take them all down. But never fear, I painstakingly transferred them to his room. The fish are swimming up the stairs and the engines hiding in an alcove. And he loves them.

The aquarium is now swimming up the stairs to his room!

And for that I’d have all the blu-tac marks on my walls in the world 🙂



  1. Ahhh these are brilliant Lisa!!! I especially love his version of Sodor! It’s great seeing them drawing things you can recognise isn’t it? We *must* meet soon! It’s difficult with M only at nursery until 11.45 but from Sept he is in Reception so I will have more hours in the day so we can have a date at Dylan’s!! 🙂

  2. What a lovely post! The drawings are fantastic and I love that you put them all over the walls. You must be so proud of him.

  3. How wonderful, he definitely is prolific. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing the creations my kids come up with. Now they are older they have their own sketch books to draw in but they are always scribbling away. I really love the aquarium up the stairs!

    • mrssavageangel says:

      Thank you so much! He sure is prolific once he gets started! I have started taking paper for him when we go out too now for him to sketch in!

  4. Oh how lovely!! It’s great when their scribbles turn into something more recognisable. I wrote a post recently about my boy starting to write legibly. I’m with you, every piece is celebrated and up on the wall 😉 Love it!!
    Popping across from #ssamazingachievements

  5. These are amazing and the fact that you can get him off the ipad is no understatement in itself. We also have the early starter, ready to go here. I’m not a morning person ;0) I’m glad you have found a new home for this fantastic artwork #SSAmazingAchievements

    • mrssavageangel says:

      haha thanks – it wasnt easy finding something that would hold his attention, but art seems to be a big thing atm, and the best bit is he’s willing to share it.

  6. Oh wow! I love your new home decorations and the sheer volume of them, it’s lovely when there is a passion for an activity away from iPads. I’ll bet you look at them every day and smile. Wonderful! Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

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