How to begin?

So here is my blog and its difficult to know how to start. Maybe I need to do more research or maybe I should just start with why I wanted a blog in the first place.

I have been thinking about doing something for a while. I have, what seems like hundreds, of ideas floating (/whizzing) about in my head, and initially I thought of keeping a journal. I used to keep one in my late teens, but this isn’t really about teenage angst and anyway I should join the 21st Century man! So a blog it shall be.

I won’t go into who I am. I’ll do a separate page for that, but suffice to say I’m a 34 year old mother of one little fireball of a son. I don’t work at the moment and I’m not really sure where I go from here.

Stopping work was never really in my plans, even after having Oscar so somehow I’ve found myself here not really knowing how to move forward but not wanting to waste either of our lives or the time we get to spend together. Hmmm it’s a tricky one.

Plus as typing on anything other than my phone when Os around is impossible (and I mean impossible he’s technology obsessed and going through a phase of throwing massive tantrums when not allowed something, like the keyboard) it is likely posts might be sporadic to start with. Maybe I need a laptop hmmmm. So anyway here goes…

Here we go………

The very first one. Will probably delete this later. Or maybe not, maybe I’ll leave it for posterity and then I’ll look back in years to come and chuckle to myself. Or not. Whatever.