Slimming World Update – Week 72

Hi guys

Hows you? I’m good. Surrounded by the colours and sounds and general excitement of the festive season and pretty much loving it! I’ve spent the last few days writing Christmas cards. I tried not sending cards one one year and just donated to charity instead. Don’t get me wrong, I fully appreciate the sentiment behind it, but it made me feel awful. So I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m a card writer and I get great cards every year, carefully chosen from charities that mean something to me. This year’s are Thomas the Tank Engine themed (for the boy) and come from the National Autistic Society. They’re just gorgeous! Anyway I did have an Excel spreadsheet as a Christmas card list that I’ve been using and regularly updating for years. Until this year. We bought a new PC in the summer and I forgot to transfer the list onto the new hard drive. Sat down to write the cards this week and I realised I’ve lost my ‘go to’ list! So at least one night this week has been just spent updating my contacts. I think I have them all now, but if you were expecting a card from me and you don’t get one, I might have just missed you off the list. Either that or I don’t really like you 😉

Christmas has also been making it presence felt in our house this week in the form of new pyjamas. If you follow me on any social media, you may already know this; to say I was excited was an understatement. Regular readers will know just how much I love shopping these days, how one of my goals this year was to ‘conquer Fat Face’ (which I think I can safely say I’ve done several times over 😉 ). However, something I really wanted from them, but had never been able to fit into before, was their Christmas pyjamas. They do such beautifully festive ones every year. So this year I decided to treat myself and ordered their Folkloric pyjama bottoms and tshirt. And I LOVE them. If it wasn’t a tradition to wear new pyjamas on Christmas Eve I’d be wearing them already! They’re just so pretty and Christmassy.


But the best thing about them is the difference I can see in my shape when I wear them. You may think I’m barmy, but I sometimes find it really hard to ‘see’ what I look like. In my mind I’ve been so big for so long that despite what the scales say or what I see in the mirror, I find it hard to know what I actually look like. That’s why I do comparison photos and why they blow my mind so very much. This one is quite hard for me to share. The first picture I have never shared as I hated it then and I hate it now. But I’ve got so few full length photos of myself that it’s the best one to use here, I think. This was taken in the Maldives in 2009. Its a few years ago for sure, but I was a similar size to this when I started SW (actually I was probably a bit bigger 🙁 ) Basically a Size 26 to a 16.



Enough said really.

This past week hasn’t always seen me make the wisest of food choices – nothing mad, just not the best and I’m not really sure why. So I was thrilled with a maintain last night, staying at 6 Stone 7lb (91lb) lost. And actually, this close to Christmas and the challenges it can bring, I think that’s sometimes all you can do. Protect the progress you’ve made. I have thought about it long and hard and I think expecting 7lbs loss in 3 weeks with all the parties and what not I have over the next few weeks is unrealistic and probably just setting myself up for disappointment (and lets be honest, feeling a failure is no gift to give myself this Christmas). That’s why I’m modifying my Christmas goal. And before you say, I’m not stopping or giving up or admitting defeat. I’m taking responsibility for my choices and being realistic. I would like a lose a couple more lbs by the last weigh in, but as long as I don’t gain from this point until Christmas I’ll be happy.

Oh and update on the Fat Face shirt – I went in to my local branch to try it on again and they’d taken them all off the shop floor as they’ll be going in the sale after Christmas. I decided to chance my arm and wait until then and hope they have my size. I do love a bargain!

Have a great week.






Slimming World Update – Week 71

Hi you!

Despite being able to say ‘bye bye, see you soon’ for a while now Oscar has only just started to say Hello, and this is how he says it. It’s the cutest thing!

So how’s your week been? Mine been good, properly cold, but good none the less. I explained last week that I was making a gamey take on Chilli, using (free and speed food) Venison for dinner with friends on Friday. And I did. Only I think the Venison was off! It was fresh when purchased, but I froze it. I then think I defrosted it (i.e. left it out of the fridge) for too long. It smelt really odd raw, and smelt worse as it cooked! It also tasted of kidneys – you know, slightly pissy! I was gutted. I mean I’d definitely try it again, only I think I’d buy the meat closer to making the dish. Anyway, rather than poison our guests we wrote the whole thing off and because we had neither the time or the ingredients to prepare anything else, got take out. It wasn’t how I planned the evening to go, but as I’d been being careful with my syns (with the wine I knew would be drunk on Friday in mind) I decided not to worry about it too much. So Friday was one of those nights where suddenly everything is ‘off plan’. Food, wine, even a few chocolates. And boy did we all enjoy it. Nearly as much as Sarah and I enjoyed beating the boys at Cranium. Games Nights are so the way ahead for a fun night in! I highly recommend it.

So any who I wasn’t hopeful in ANY way for last night’s weigh in, but was bowled sideways to see I’d lost 0.5lb taking me back to 6 Stone 7lb. Who knew!

I spoke last week about the jeans situation and after writing about it decided to take the plunge and order the next size down. I got the size 14 (eek!) in the Next Relaxed Skinny Jeans that I’ve been wearing since the 18 started to fit me last year. I love these jeans and have had both the 18 and the 16. They suit my shape so well and despite having some stretch retain their jeansyness (real word) Or they did. Because I received them last Friday and immediately realised Next have changed the material. A quick check on the composition shows the new pair had less cotton in them and felt more like jeggings. And they looked awful! Way too big. Now you think I’d be pleased that a 14 was too big, but I wasn’t. I was gutted. I don’t know about you ladies (you may feel this too chaps!) but it takes me a good while to find a pair of jeans I like and when I do I wear them forever! It’s so good to be able to pick up a new pair whenever you need them, knowing they’ll fit. So yeah I was gutted. Anyway I took them back to Next and while we were there I tried on several different pairs. All in a 14. And do you know, all but one pair fitted! Size 14 jeans fitted me! Sorry, can I just take a moment here:

SIZE 14 JEANS FIT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ridiculous turn-ups, but bloody hell, the size 14 fit!

Ridiculous turn-ups, but bloody hell, the size 14 fit!

No hoofage to be seen!

My thighs! Seriously? Yes seriously?

Right. So yeah several pairs fitted, but none were perfect. One had enormous turn-ups I didn’t like and one had no pockets (not practical I keep all sorts in my pockets at all times including my phone). Ahh well it would seem the search goes on. With the changes that have taken place to my shape recently, I think I need a day in town, sans child, to try some on. Hmm.

And as I mentioned last week, those changes have recently been thanks to the Core Stability classes I’m doing with Fit for Life Mums. And look what I got last night:

Body Magic Silver Award

Body Magic Silver Award

Proving to myself that the relatively small changes I’m seeing on the scales, sometimes mean nothing to a change in shape. And outlook. I love my classes and it’s giving me the nudge to think about doing more exercise. Yeah I know. Me! I’ll let you know!

So for the coming week, we have no parties or such challenges. So I’m going to give a real serious push towards 7 Stone (Tish – can I borrow the food diary for the week you lost 8.5lb please? 😉 ). I have 4 more weigh ins (last one being on 23rd, not 17th as I originally thought) before Christmas. Come on Mrs S. You can DO this.

Have a great week entering the Christmas month with head held high and resolve held firm.




Slimming World Update Week 70


Week 70? Bloody hell! Sorry, It just sounds bonkers! 70 weeks, what is that in months? Err (does quick maths in head, by which I mean calculator) 17.5? A lot anyway.

Not that that seems to have made any difference in my ability to maintain my losses. 0.5lb on this week. 6 stone 6.5lb lost.

I know why, of course. I haven’t been eating foods that I know will result in a loss. Simple as. Actually I have been. I’ve been concentrating on super free and in particular speed foods, aiming for at least 7 different speed foods a day. It’s been good. Trouble is I have also been eating too many syns and trying to pretend I’m not. A head in the sand approach never worked before, and it didn’t work this week. That coupled with the fact that I have been visited by Aunt Irma (for all you IT Crowd fans) this week, means I have both been feeling grumpy and craving sugar/carbs. It’s not an excuse, it’s just fact. Sometimes I cave, sometimes (most times) I don’t. Ben and Oscar had the most beautiful fresh white bread from the farm shop on Saturday. I wanted some soooo badly. I didn’t have any, but it’s madness that after what is nearly a year and a half the hardest thing I find to avoid when the craving strikes is boring old bread. What is it about bread? Must be something from childhood, it’s pull is inexplicable.

So anyway, not a great week, but not terrible. I am continuing to go to Core Stability classes and can really feel the difference in my strength and see the difference in my shape. You may remember a few weeks ago I had to make a new hole in my belt? Well I am now able to get my size 16 jeans on and off without undoing them or the belt. I’m thinking maybe another hole in the belt, or just another pair of jeans. Eek! I feel so close to moving down into a size 14. Wouldn’t that be something? A 14 was always so far away, this kind of unobtainable holy grail, for me anyway. I know some people would baulk at the thought of having to wear a 14, but for me it was always where I wanted to be. It’s so close I can practically taste it! And I can guarantee it’ll taste better than any loaf of bread! I just need to remember that.

Anyway, enough of me blathering on. I do have so exciting times planned for the week ahead. I’ve got our good friends coming for dinner tomorrow night. I’ve decided to make a slightly more exciting take on the humble chilli. This one’s made with Venison (free AND a speed food none the less!) as well as a small amount of red wine and dark chocolate. When I first read the recipe I immediately thought I would try to leave out the wine and chocolate. However when I actually synned it, between the four of us it’s a really small amount, so am planning to go with it. Dark, spicy and just right for an Autumn’s evening. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Have a great week tasting the sweet flavour of success 😉










Slimming World Update – Week 69


Have you’ve had a good week? Despite it only being midway through November, mine’s been full of Christmas. Be it weeping at supermarket adverts (seriously Waitrose and Sainsburys, this needs to stop, it’s getting embarrassing) or visiting the mother of all Christmas Fair’s with my great buddy Helen, this week has truly marked the start of the festive season for me.

Now, I don’t know about you, but for me Christmas always, always means food. Any celebration in my family was usually marked with food, but Christmas is traditionally when things go a bit bonkers. It’s not just the main meal, although I have eaten Christmas dinners that have literally been the biggest meal I’ve eaten all year. It’s everything that goes with it. Its the party food, it’s the nibbley bits, it’s the crisps, the snacks, the nuts, the chocolate, the cakes, the biscuits. You get the picture. It’s almost as if the season cannot take place unless everyone has at least one high fat snack screwed into their hand at all times. And in previous years I’ve gleefully joined in this ‘tradition’. It wasn’t until last year that I took time to stop and look at what I expected of the food of Christmas and had to ask myself why? I understand Christmas is a time of generosity, of giving, of plenty and I don’t disagree with these sentiments at all. I just don’t want to push my body into a near diabetic coma in order to prove I’m feeling the Christmas spirit. Surely the fact that I’ve already got “Oscar’s” (yeah right! hahaha) advent calender up should give you a clue as to how much I enjoy Christmas 😉

But the thing is, it isn’t Christmas yet. We have 6 weeks to go. And I know the next 6 weeks aren’t going to be easy. I know that from last year. This time of year can be hellish for those with any kind of food issues and I know I count myself in that group. And it’s not helped that the enormous marketing machine behind Christmas is already in full swing. You think this is full on, you just wait. Every week between now and Christmas will see supermarkets pile on the pressure, with offers and deals and selling you things you need in order to make your Christmas complete, most of which will be food or drink. So OK it’s their busiest time of year and competition for your hard earned buck is fierce. I get that. But I also understand that what is being sold at me, will not make my Christmas. Gorging, will not make my Christmas. And gaining huge amounts of weight, weight I’ve fought every day for months to lose, will not make my Christmas.

So I guess the question is what will make my Christmas? Our plans for this year are pretty much the same as last. Christmas isn’t going to be syn free by any means. But it will be more considered. We’re going out for dinner. This will have the joint benefits of average sized portions and no left overs. We will be drinking Baileys in our coffee and Veuve in our pyjamas. We’ll be getting small pieces of our favourite cheeses and one box of our favourite chocolates. Every indulgence will be planned and anticipated. And every mouthful will taste all the better for it. That and spending time with the people I love the most in all the world. Yeah that’ll make my Christmas 🙂

Right, all talk of Christmas. Enough!

So this week’s weigh in was one I approached with some trepidation. Helen and I had such a great weekend and while I worked really hard to abstain from tasters of cheese etc, I did have a glass of wine here and a bag of popcorn I couldn’t syn there. So all in all I was hoping for no less than a maintain. Which I why I was thrilled with a loss. 1.5lb off. Get in! But more to the point that 1.5lb took me, rather neatly, to my 6.5 Stone Award! That’s right I have now lost 6 Stone and 7lb (91lb).



Added to the collection

Added to the collection

It’s been something of a long time coming, this one. Five months to be precise. I haven’t gained or lost a lot in that time. Had I been trying to maintain I’d have been doing a bang up job, but that wasn’t ever my intention. Don’t get me wrong, I know the results I’ve seen over the last five months have been entirely down to me and If I’d really wanted to have been regularly losing I could have been. But I’m not sad about it. I don’t feel I’ve lost the last five months. I am at peace with the fact that this journey will take as long as it takes 🙂

So I have 7lb to lose before the last Christmas weigh in. There are 5 weigh ins to go. 7lb in five weeks. Totally doable. I’m going for another good loss this week to send me flying towards my 7 Stone Award. I’m concerntrating on SuperFree foods and particularly those that Slimming World class as Super Speed (foods that will speed up your weight loss). I have also decided to have another crack at eating a better breakfast, than a coffee and a banana. This morning I had 35g porridge oats (as my Healthy Extra B) mixed into a Vanilla Muller Light with half a punnet of raspberries (first Speed food right there!). It was delicious! It didn’t taste like eating yogurt for breakfast (which I personally have struggled with in the past) but neither did it just taste like porridge. It was great. Thanks for the tip Sara!

Hope you have a super week, not letting the marketing departments of big supermarkets dictate the food you eat 😉



Slimming World Update – Week 68

Ayup chuck (sorry the boy has just discovered Wallace and Gromit!)

How was your week? If it was anything like mine it was filled with festivities, from Halloween parties to fireworks and even a Christening. What a busy weekend we had. Friday’s children’s Halloween party was a real hoot, with all involved having a smashing time (especially me – I smashed a glass lamp – how embarrassing!) Oscar went in monster themed pyjamas (as ‘dressed up’ as he can manage at the moment). I thought he might feel a bit strange leaving the house in pjs but he didn’t seem in the least bit bothered and had a great time playing with his buddies and eating spooky themed food. I took my Pretzel Pumpkins and at the last minute decided to make some spooky devilled eggs, with black olive spider detailing. They looked (and tasted) awesome and were so low syn (approx 1 syn for two halves) I was able to eschew the cakes and the chocolates and stick to just two spider eggs. I was so proud of myself.

Devilled Spider Eggs. Approx 1 syn for two

Devilled Spider Eggs. Approx 1 syn for two

The Christening could also have been difficult. The service was great but the food table at the party afterwards groaned under the weight of cakes, cheese and cheesecakes! Pastries, buns, sausages, you name it, the buffet table had it all. But my lovely friend Emma, mother to said christened child and fellow SWer, had also provided lovely fruit and salad, meaning I could food optimise, and still feel like I was ‘joining in’.

A Christening Buffet. Thoughtful catering

A Christening Buffet. Thoughtful catering

So, yeah it was Saturday’s Halloween themed Fireworks party that broke me. I didn’t mean to drink. We’d had a bit of a grumpy afternoon with the boy and by the time we got to our neighbour’s, I was worn out. When I was offered wine I jumped at it, not like me at all. And really alcohol is my downfall. Because one glass lead to two then to three and by then I was nibbling at the chocolates and chomping the cheese straws!



I was so annoyed with myself. I set myself a goal for the week and I knew it was one that would require the utmost focus to achieve and yet I’d eaten things I knew wouldn’t give me the results I wanted. So yeah I was pissed off with myself, but I did all I knew how to. I let it drive me forward and went straight back to ‘normal’ eating the next day.

So last nights result was something of a mixed bag really. I lost 1.5lb taking me to 6 Stone 5.5lb (89.5lb). I was a bit gutted I hadn’t lost the 3lb I set out to, but I was pleased it had been a loss at all. So all in all the positive cancelled out most of the negative (most of it – sorry Hels).

We also had the results of our Miss Slinky and Mr Sleek awards that I mentioned last week I had been nominated for. The winner’s were the lovely Sarah-Jane for Miss Slinky and James for Mr Sleek. I couldn’t have been happier (I voted for them both!) Both have completely embraced food optimising and both look amazing in their new found confidence! Sarah-Jane is so close to her target. She’ll be there by Christmas, of that I have no doubt.

Haslemere 7.30 2014 Mr Sleek (James Winstanley-Wilder) and Miss Slinky (Sarah-Jane Duncton) Congratulations guys!

Haslemere 7.30pm 2014 Mr Sleek (James Winstanley-Wilder) and Miss Slinky (Sarah-Jane Duncton) Congratulations guys!

So the coming week wont be the easiest. My friend from school, Helen, is coming to visit this weekend. I’ve got us tickets to go to go to The Spirit of Christmas Fair at Olympia and I can’t wait! A whole day out, up in that London, without the small people. I can’t wait to immerse myself in the festive feeling of it all, but to be honest I could just be going up to London to sit on a bench and I’d still be happy, and grateful, for the day off. I am a little concerned about how many tasters there might be available on the stalls, but I think I’m going to chose wisely and only have one or two. I’ll let Helen have the rest 😉 I would really like to get my 6.5 Stone award next week, so I need to keep my wits about me and plan ahead. I’ll take low syn snacks to keep me going and concentrate on looking for this year’s Christmas bauble rather than on any food that might be on offer! I’m thinking maybe a glass bauble? What do you reckon? I love glass baubles, but I don’t know if I dare, what with the boy. I’ll let you know what I get next week.

Hope you all have super weeks

Big loves



PS – did you see I was chosen as November’s Weigh Loss Warrior of the Month over on the lovely Leah’s blog You can read in the interview we did here if you fancy 🙂