Toot toot!

Just a quick little blow of my own trumpet here. Today has been an exceptionally proud blogging day for me and I wanted to tell you all about it.



Firstly, my post about Oscar’s ASD diagnosis has been featured on the front page of the Good Mother Project, a collaborative storytelling site, all about focusing on the positive in motherhood. As they say

“We are all in this motherhood thing together, Motherhood is hard. It’s messy. It’s exhausting. It’s lonely. It’s overwhelming. But it’s beautiful, too.”

How gorgeous is that?

Anyway, they chose my story about our own special journey and it went live today. Right up there on the front page. Tiny squeee from me!



And then if that wasn’t enough excitement, my first post as a Regular Blogger for the online magazine Mummy Pages also went live today!

Mummy Pages approached me about becoming a regular blogger for them after I featured as their Mummy Blogger of the Week a while back. Apparently they really liked my style. How lovely is that? Anyway, I’ll be writing two original posts for them a month, so I’ll be sure to give you the heads up when a new one is live.

The first one is dedicated to Ben’s mum and is called When the mother-in-law came to visit (their title I might add – maybe I’ll work on that for next time!)

I also published this post about what blogging means to me. Funnily enough I wrote most of it yesterday before I knew about all the excitement of today. But everything I say in it is true. This really is just the beginning 😉

Thank you for reading and supporting me. Trumpeting over.