Dressing for Best

Over the Christmas holidays Oscar has shot up. And I mean SHOT up. The trousers that fitted at the end of November are suddenly two inches too short and all his adjustable waists have had to be taken out. He’s grown like a weed and right in the middle of a season too. How rude 😉 . It’s too cold for spring clothes, but is it worth buying winter wear that may only last him a short time? It’s the constant malign of parents across the land and the reason my poor child constantly lives in second hand gear!

It’s rare that he grows and the seasons change in sync, however last Autumn he did. He suddenly needed bigger clothes overnight, and it was early enough in the season to make a few new pieces worth it. I got him some jeans, a couple of tops and a gorgeous sweater from Next. This one in fact.

Super Star boys sweater Next Autumn 2014

Super Star boys sweater Next Autumn 2014

I love it so much, the colour makes his eyes seem so very blue and anyone who knows me will know stars are just my thing (I don’t know if it signifies anything but I’ve been drawn to the star shape all my adult life. I even got a star tattoo when I was 18) Anyway the point is I love this top. And I realised the other day he almost never wears it. It’s not because the weather’s not been right, or because it doesn’t fit well, it’s because it’s new (to him) and therefore kept for “best”.

But when is best? And how often is best really needed? And more to the point, how often will best come around before he ups and grows out of it? I realised I had to ask myself a question. What was I actually worried about? What would bother me more, him wearing this gorgeous jumper in ‘boring’, every day situations and it potentially getting dirty and worn, or him only wearing it a handful of times before it’s too small and can’t be worn at all? Seriously. Why buy it at all, if he’s going to get no moneys worth out of it? It’s clearly not a formal item, the kind you might keep for very special occasions such as weddings etc. Its an everyday item and was surely bought to be worn. I’m not sure where this attitude has come from. but with the speed at which he’s growing, it’s surely not one worth having?

I read an article recently written by Tim Wotton, a man with Cystic Fibrosis, who has outlived doctors expectations. He leads a full and active life, and is married with a son, despite (or maybe because of) the age expectancy of someone living with CF. It’s a great article and I urge you to read it. Tim has also written a book I’d love to read. But something he said in the article stuck with me.

I dress each day like it’s my last day on Earth, and never leave my favourite clothes in the wardrobe waiting for that special moment.

He’s so right. We never know what tomorrow holds. So even if it’s just the last day a sweater fits, I’ve decided I want to make the most of it. I’d rather see Oscar in clothes I love, at any time, than wait for a moment that never comes. So today I dressed him in his ‘best’ pair of jeans (and one of the only ones that fit properly) and let him go in the garden. They were muddy within minutes and we were off visiting this afternoon. Sigh. But so what? He’s a little boy. And he’s wearing some damn fine threads.

Actually, I think I’m going to do the same. Wedding dress party anyone?

My super, superstar

My super, superstar



An Outfit to Remember

I met a lovely lady on Wednesday called Shannon. She writes over at shannonagains.com and today launched a gorgeous linky called An Outfit to Remember, dedicated to the favourite outfits of our children.

It got me thinking about the many outfits Oscar has worn over the two and half years of his life. To be honest I like all the clothes he wears. Despite most of them being second hand I’m quite careful to chose things I like or that I know suit him. The shops invariably have less choice for boys clothes (something I am constantly annoyed about on his behalf!). Dressing boys is perhaps not as exciting as dressing girls, but I think boys can have a style all of their own. Here are a couple of picture of him in outfits I’m particularly fond of.

!cid_image3228F88C-668B-4C21-97F3-FCADC6D58D67 (2)

This is the outfit Oscar wore for his ‘Pleased to Meet You’ party we held, when he was three months old, to introduce him to all our family and friends down in Devon. It was such a lovely day and he coped so well with all the myriad of cuddles he got! I just loved the little neru collar shirt from Zara, with the chinos from Mini Club at Boots. The pram shoes (also from Boots) he only ever wore twice (I never bothered with pram shoes) but they set the whole outfit off.



This was his first birthday party. Rather than stick to the close family tea kind of party most people hold when their children turn one, we went a bit mad, hired a church hall, threw a pirate theme party and invited more people than we had to our wedding! He wore a pair of Jojo Maman Bebe jeans with the most adorable pirate applique tshirt (over a long sleeve vest, it was April after all) also from Jojo. The shoes are his first ever Clark’s Cruisers, also sporting pirate ships (can you see a theme here?). What a super day!



Now I love this outfit. The denim shorts are from M&S and he wore them all last summer and part of this one. When they got too small I bought another pair, second hand, off a friend. They went with everything and just looked so beach bum cute! The t-shirt came in a pack of five from Next. The pink suited him so well, with his gorgeous blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I received a few odd looks from people, and one woman told me I was brave to put him in pink, but seriously? Come on people it’s just a colour! And one that suits him incredibly well. He also has pink and blue swimming shorts as it goes!



This is the most recent one. I’ve chosen it mainly for the t-shirt, although I also love the pirate shorts from H&M, which were a present. The Prince Charming t-shirt was from Next and he wore it for a whole year, it never seemed to get any smaller! The shade of blue just made his eyes sparkle and he got compliments on it every where we went. He wore it to a mini photo shoot we did in Aug 2013. We gave the resulting photos to the grandparents as presents for Christmas, meaning the whole family have a picture in their house of him wearing this t-shirt.


I could go on and on, but I think I’ll stop there. If you’d like to join in, check out Shannon’s original #OutfitToRemember post here . I hope you’ve enjoyed this lovely wander through Oscar’s wardrobe as much as I have.