What’s more fun than a box?

So Oscar’s speech is somewhat delayed. We’ve been looking at various ways of making his communication easier, but have also noticed he’s a really visual learner. So for example last week’s big word was Fish. He got that from watching a Baby TV cartoon with a fish in it several times (it was Baby Art if you’re interested. It’s a wordless cartoon, but I say the words of the things as they appear – he seems to like it) Anyway, we have also noticed that he’ll use a word, but that sometimes it’ll disappear, sometimes to reappear weeks later, sometimes not. We want to be sure that we reinforce the words he is learning, as well as teaching him new ones, so have decided a picture of the word he has acquired (mainly nouns at this stage) somewhere prominent in the house would be a great visual reminder.

Which is one of the reasons Ben came home with a printer yesterday. It’s very exciting, we haven’t had a printer since about 1999! We plan to get cracking with the pictures asap – we may even get a laminater to help them stand up to Hurricane Toddler that regularly bowls round this house.

But for now, it came in a box. A bloody big box. And that’s proved more fun than anything.

We’ll let you know how the pictures go!


What’s in here then?


Big enough for a boy in here?

If I tip it up...

If I tip it up…

... yep that'll work!

… yep that’ll work!

Ooooo! Check me!

Ooooo! Check me!