Slimming World Update – Week 72

Hi guys

Hows you? I’m good. Surrounded by the colours and sounds and general excitement of the festive season and pretty much loving it! I’ve spent the last few days writing Christmas cards. I tried not sending cards one one year and just donated to charity instead. Don’t get me wrong, I fully appreciate the sentiment behind it, but it made me feel awful. So I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m a card writer and I get great cards every year, carefully chosen from charities that mean something to me. This year’s are Thomas the Tank Engine themed (for the boy) and come from the National Autistic Society. They’re just gorgeous! Anyway I did have an Excel spreadsheet as a Christmas card list that I’ve been using and regularly updating for years. Until this year. We bought a new PC in the summer and I forgot to transfer the list onto the new hard drive. Sat down to write the cards this week and I realised I’ve lost my ‘go to’ list! So at least one night this week has been just spent updating my contacts. I think I have them all now, but if you were expecting a card from me and you don’t get one, I might have just missed you off the list. Either that or I don’t really like you 😉

Christmas has also been making it presence felt in our house this week in the form of new pyjamas. If you follow me on any social media, you may already know this; to say I was excited was an understatement. Regular readers will know just how much I love shopping these days, how one of my goals this year was to ‘conquer Fat Face’ (which I think I can safely say I’ve done several times over 😉 ). However, something I really wanted from them, but had never been able to fit into before, was their Christmas pyjamas. They do such beautifully festive ones every year. So this year I decided to treat myself and ordered their Folkloric pyjama bottoms and tshirt. And I LOVE them. If it wasn’t a tradition to wear new pyjamas on Christmas Eve I’d be wearing them already! They’re just so pretty and Christmassy.


But the best thing about them is the difference I can see in my shape when I wear them. You may think I’m barmy, but I sometimes find it really hard to ‘see’ what I look like. In my mind I’ve been so big for so long that despite what the scales say or what I see in the mirror, I find it hard to know what I actually look like. That’s why I do comparison photos and why they blow my mind so very much. This one is quite hard for me to share. The first picture I have never shared as I hated it then and I hate it now. But I’ve got so few full length photos of myself that it’s the best one to use here, I think. This was taken in the Maldives in 2009. Its a few years ago for sure, but I was a similar size to this when I started SW (actually I was probably a bit bigger 🙁 ) Basically a Size 26 to a 16.



Enough said really.

This past week hasn’t always seen me make the wisest of food choices – nothing mad, just not the best and I’m not really sure why. So I was thrilled with a maintain last night, staying at 6 Stone 7lb (91lb) lost. And actually, this close to Christmas and the challenges it can bring, I think that’s sometimes all you can do. Protect the progress you’ve made. I have thought about it long and hard and I think expecting 7lbs loss in 3 weeks with all the parties and what not I have over the next few weeks is unrealistic and probably just setting myself up for disappointment (and lets be honest, feeling a failure is no gift to give myself this Christmas). That’s why I’m modifying my Christmas goal. And before you say, I’m not stopping or giving up or admitting defeat. I’m taking responsibility for my choices and being realistic. I would like a lose a couple more lbs by the last weigh in, but as long as I don’t gain from this point until Christmas I’ll be happy.

Oh and update on the Fat Face shirt – I went in to my local branch to try it on again and they’d taken them all off the shop floor as they’ll be going in the sale after Christmas. I decided to chance my arm and wait until then and hope they have my size. I do love a bargain!

Have a great week.






Slimming World Update – Week 65

Buongiorno (sorry just been to ASK for lunch – feeling the love for La Italia!)

How’s your week been? Mine’s been a bit soggy to tell you the truth – the weather here has been pretty rubbish. The rain keeps us in the house, which isn’t good for Mama or her cub. I could just stop being such a wimp I suppose and go out in the wet, but I don’t have a car and there’s just no fun arriving at a destination cold, damp and miserable. Other than the rain though, this week’s been much better than last, so that’s a start.

You may have seen in my last post that I had my haircut last Saturday and there’s nothing like a bit of pampering to raise the spirits. When I came out of the salon I felt really relaxed and just really good. So good, that I decided to trot on over to the lovely Fat Face and have a little peruse of their AW14 collection, while I had the time and no boy to entertain. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like all their stuff, but the pieces I do like, I really love. Saturday’s trip saw me try on a shirt that I instantly fell in love with. I’m not usually much of a fan of the shirt. The heavier chested among us will understand why. I’ve avoided them for years now, after a friend of Ben’s spent an evening staring at the third button straining to keep up it’s end of the bargain, only to reach towards it after a few ales saying “I could just….”! Anyway, this one just caught my eye and I tried it on in a 16 (I was feeling reckless and thought ‘why not!’) I was right, that poor third button was still struggling. To be fair I could have got the 18 and it might have been OK, but do you know, it fitted everywhere else, and going up a size just felt like admitting defeat. I’d rather keep losing and get the 16 when it fits properly.

Fat Face Shirt Size 16. A bit tight still, but not forever

Fat Face Shirt Size 16. Still too tight on the bust, not that it seems to bother me here!

And that’s the plan. To keep on keeping on. Last night at group we celebrated the countdown to Christmas (only 10 more weigh ins people!). We were each given a gift tag and asked to write on it our wish for ourselves for Christmas. The marketing bumpf that came with it was a bit saccharine sweet for my taste (and I’ve got a sweet tooth!) but the idea behind it is absolutely sound. It’s basically encouraging you to make a commitment to yourself to achieve something by Christmas. It doesn’t matter what that achievement is, it’s personal to you after all. But in the same way that this blog keeps me accountable, writing your goals down solidifies them in your mind and makes you accountable to them. I still have my card from last year.

My Christmas Wish 2013. Achieved and then some!

My Christmas Wish 2013. Achieved and then some!

I keep it because it reminds me that I achieved what I set out to do, but also what I’m capable of. I actually reached my 3.5 stone target several weeks before the deadline and eventually went on to reach 4 stone lost by Christmas 2013. And I’m very proud of that.

So this year I’m going to make another commitment for Christmas. In fact I’m making two.

My Christmas Wish 2014

My Christmas Wish 2014

How funny! I’ve just realised this years wish is double the mount of last year’s! There’s something very pleasing about that! Are you going to join me in making a Christmas wish for yourself? It doesn’t have to be about weight loss. Remember, it’s just a commitment to yourself to achieve something. What’s it going to be?

I really enjoyed last night’s group. Firstly, I found I’d lost 3lb (that’s 3 of the 3.5lb I gained last week), taking me to 6 stone 3.5lb (88.5lb). This means I have 10.5lb to lose to achieve my Christmas wish. A pound a week and one week as 1.5lb and I’ll be sorted! Secondly we had our pre Christmas taster party. So many people bought in tasty, low syn treats that I went home completely stuffed and couldn’t eat my tea! I made biscuits from last years Slimming World Christmas Cookbook.


Last years’s Slimming World Cook Book: Star Biscuits 3 syns each


Oscar modelling my attempt!

They were OK, although I think adding some spice would have made them more Christmassy. Never the less I took 40 biscuits with me last night and only came home with five so they can’t have been that bad. My personal faves from last night were Claire’s boozey Chocolate Truffles. I’d make some myself, only then I’d have a house full of 3.5 syn truffles! Perhaps I could make them, keep a couple and give the rest away. I also really liked the mince pies (sorry I don’t know who made them!) I’m not usually a big mince pie fan, but these had a more crisp than crumbly base and only minimal mincemeat. Delicious and very festive indeed. Thank you to everyone who fed me so well last night!

So my goal for the coming week is to lose 2lb. That will take me to 6 stone 5.5 and back to where I was a couple of weeks ago. I’m going to do this by filling up on fruit, counting (rather than estimating) syns and keeping one eye on my tag. I might even go and have another look at the shirt 😉 .

Have a great week and let me know what your wish for yourself will be this Christmas. I’d love to hear.

Big hugs





Slimming World Update – Week 62

Wotcha (does anyone still say that, other than cockney children in the 80’s?)

How’s your week been? If it’s been nothing else I hope it was fun!

Mine’s not been too bad as it goes. Busy, but productive for the most part. There’s few better feelings than getting stuff done. It’s just so satisfying. I couldn’t even tell you what I’ve gotten done, so many little bitty things, but then it’s the small stuff that makes up life isn’t it?

OK, so firstly I have a confession. Last week I set myself two goals. One was to lose 1lb and the other was not to weigh myself on my own scales in between weigh ins. Truth is, I actually found not weighing myself at home much harder than I anticipated. I found myself thinking I’d just ‘check’ and having to stop myself all week. And on Tuesday morning I finally caved. I couldn’t even make it a whole week. I’m disappointed in myself, but I also know leaving the scales where they were was tempting fate. I should have just done what my mum said and put them in the shed! They didn’t give me the actual weight I was at weigh in anyway, so why did I bother? Seriously! This coming week I will ask Ben to hide them. I want to see how it feels to go a whole week without just ‘checking’. And also I figure if I can make it through a couple of weeks it’ll get easier – I didn’t weigh myself at home for the first 6 months of this journey so really it’s just a silly habit I need to break.

As to the other goal, well you’ll be pleased to hear I lost 1.5lb at last night’s weigh in, taking my total lost to 6 stone 5.5lb (89.5lb). I’ve finally lost more than the lowest I got to this summer. I’m really pleased with this and finally feel I’m losing weight again, rather than just paying off the interest (if I can use a financial metaphor for a moment!). This summer has been a funny one really. I got my 6 stone in June and then spent the next three months on some kind of wiggly detour. It would have been nice to have followed a more linear route, but hey, I’m still going. I’ve said it so many times you probably get sick of hearing it, but this is a journey, not a sprint to the finish. It’s about losing weight, yes. But it’s also about learning and trying and failing and persevering. Of becoming someone I can be proud to be. Losing weight alone wouldn’t give me that. I don’t believe you’re a better person just because you’re ‘thin’. For me it’s all about the process.

And that’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot. Earlier on in the week I read the most marvellous post by Weight Loss Bitch (if you’re interested in weight loss, Slimming World or indeed motivation this blog is for you. This lady has so far lost 21st with Slimming World and her writing regularly inspires me.) It’s all about not comparing yourself and your weight loss journey to anyone else’s. If you have the time I heartily recommend reading it. From a personal point of view, I have people tell me from time to time, that they wished they could be as motivated as me or lose as (mostly) consistently as I do or as much as I have. And I mentally shake my head, because I know the struggle I go through to do it and wouldn’t wish it on anyone. But then I know I’ve been guilty of it myself in the past, particularly when people lose large chunks of weight at a time. Thing is, I don’t know their situation, the emotional impact their weight or their body image has on them. And it came up in group this week, when someone made a comment about our consultant Sara’s figure. Sara has done brilliantly well on Slimming World, losing weight and keeping it off. But as she said “just because I ‘look like this’, what makes you think I’m happy? We none of us know the issues the other deal with every day. You can be inspired by others, absolutely , but comparing your journey to anyone else’s, as far as I can see, really will bring you no peace.

Just a thought.

Anyway, so the coming week has a couple of small challenges for me, mostly in the form of wine. I don’t really drink, unless it’s a special occasion (night out, wedding etc). This weekend we have Ben’s mum coming to visit and sitting around chatting with guests and a glass of the ole Chardonnay (said in best TOWIE accent) is one of my fave things to do. I wont be going mad, but it’s best to be honest with yourself. If I can maintain this week I will be happy. I know it’s only 1.5lb to my next award, but you know, I’ve been waiting for it so blimmin’ long, another week wont kill me, especially if it’s in the name of fun 😉

And to end I thought I’d share this with you. Not sure if you remember a post I wrote back in May about my shopping trip to Fat Face? I was so happy I could finally fit into proper brand names. Any who I recently added that post to a blog linkup called All About Me and it got an amazing response, even from Fat Face themselves (welcoming me as a customer – sweet). Only then I realised, I’ve lost a stone since then and I wondered if I could see a difference. I think I can.

What a stone looks like from the back. May to Sept 2014

What a stone looks like from the back. May to Sept 2014

Have a great week people






Slimming World Update – Week 52 – One Year Special

Hi there

I’ll start by telling you that at last night’s weigh in I lost 2.5lb which, despite not being all the weight I gained over the last two weeks, is a good enough start for me. It takes me back to 5 Stone 12.5lb.

But actually what I want to talk about today is not last night’s group, or even this weeks result.

You see this is a pretty special post for me, because last night’s weigh in marked the 1 year anniversary of my joining Slimming World and starting on this incredible journey I never believed I could make.

A year ago I was in a very different ‘place’. I weighed 6 stone more than I do now, had a very different relationship with food in general and my outlook on life was tired, sad and often on the negative side. I was so consumed with being a new mother and the associated challenges that come with that, that I’d almost ceased to exist as a person in my own right. I don’t think that’s wholly unusual in new mothers, but I was compensating for this lack of self worth by giving myself the one thing that I really didn’t need. High sugar, high fat food and lots of it. It’s sad to think I gained 2 stone after I had my son (and not, as someone assumed the other day, while I was pregnant), but I think I need to make it clear that I can’t blame my starting weight solely on motherhood. I have been obese my whole adult life. My weight’s fluctuated a bit, but except for a year or so I’ve been a size 22/24 all my adult life. The last time I wore the size 16’s I’m wearing now was in my late teens.

A couple of things happened to motivate me to change things in 2013. Firstly my son turned 1 in the April (I wore a size 24 dress to his party. It was pretty tight) and I realised I wouldn’t be able to the use the ‘new baby’ excuse for much longer. He wasn’t new any more!

Around the same time I also started keeping a gratitude journal via the app, recording three happy moments a day. I did it daily and realised within a few months that all my happy moments were about Oscar and never about me. This got me thinking. So I started my blog to give me something of an outlet, with no intention of sharing it 😉 !

Then over the next few months I happened to see a couple of photos that shocked me rigid.

First there was this one.

May 2013 (c) Louise Phillips

May 2013 (c) Louise Phillips

At the time I told myself it was just an awful photo – that the boy was extremely wriggly and I was caught in an unflattering position, trying to keep hold of him. Now, I think it looks like I’m trying to hide behind by one year old son.

Then a couple of months later this was taken at Oscar’s toddler group summer picnic.

July 2013

July 2013

I was convinced this was going to be a great picture of the two of us and when I saw it I was heart broken. That dress is a size 26.

I knew something had to change, but funnily enough joining Slimming World wasn’t so much about losing weight at first. It was more about getting some space for me. So OK, so my reason for joining might sound odd to you, but it was hugely motivating at the time. I’m not sure if I had joined with the sole intention of losing lots of weight I would have succeeded in quite the same way. I went with no real expectation, putting no pressure on myself to ‘do well’.

But to my surprise, after a couple of weeks I did start to ‘do well’ and the boost it gave me was immeasurable. The ‘plan’ (I never call it the ‘plan’ – it makes it sound a bit cult like!) made me question how I thought about food. Don’t get me wrong, I knew what foods were nutritionally better for me than others, but this actually made me stop and think about the food I was eating, rather than blindly eating whatever I fancied. The group sessions, or Image Therapy as Slimming World rather grandly call them 😉 were also a revelation. I found, and still do find, talking about any issues I’ve had that week incredibly useful, but not only that it also gave me the space to be proud of my achievements, something I’d never done before. Accepting compliments is incredibly liberating. If you’ve not done it before, I highly recommend it.

The rest of the year you probably already know. It’s passed anyone’s expectations, probably because no one actually had any 🙂 . My SW achievements include:

  • Winning Slimmer of the Week 12 times
  • Winning Slimmer of the Month 3 times
  • Losing 10% of my body weight
  • Winning ‘Greatest Loser of the Year’ for Liphook 7.30 group
  • Losing 6 stone in just under one year

12 What a loser! 20140627-124559-45959549.jpg

But the achievements I’ve seen every day have been just as incredible

  • Going from a size 26 to a 16 Dress (with a stop off in my gorgeous size 22 Monsoon dress)
  • Getting back into my pre-pregnancy size 22 jeans and quickly slimming out of them again
  • Walking everywhere. I’ve halved the time it takes me to get anywhere, meaning I keep arriving early to everything!
  • Buying my first ever pair of skinny jeans – and living in them!
  • Finally fitting into Fat Face and Joules and other brands that don’t even carry plus sizes.

photo 4 - Copy



10525961_10153188807680616_8218510534091087663_n 10467062_10153144945450616_5617995078990603884_o


But I guess my greatest achievement so far has been just to keep going. To finally understand that no one else is responsible for this journey. Only me.

It’s not always easy. I have hard times, same as everyone. I have set backs and disappointments. I have days where I just don’t want to care any more. Days when I’m sick and tired of thinking about food and whether the choices I’m making are the best ones. Weeks when I look at the scales and want to cry, be it a gain or a loss. But despite all that, I just keep going. Something in me wont let me not.

Because you see I’m not finished yet. I still have further to go than some people ever do, but I have lost more than I need to lose and that’s a great feeling.

Hey what am I saying, I haven’t lost this weight. It’s gone. I have no intention of finding it again!

So the coming year? Who knows. I still have no idea of what my final target weight will be, or even should be. It was so far away I couldn’t even think about it before. Perhaps this year I will. I have my next interim target (to lose 2 more stone, making a total of 8 stone) to reach and I’m happy enough with that for now. Scales aside, who knows? I’m looking forward to buying a new winter coat to replace my old size 24 one. I want to take up yoga or pilates. Little things really.

Most of all I want to keep this happy, confident feeling. I feel like I’m visible for the first time in so long, I don’t want to fade again.

See her? That’s Lisa that is.

Have a great week




Not such a Fat face anymore…

Remember back at the beginning of the year, I wrote a post about trying on clothes in Fat Face? If you don’t you can read it here. I said one of my goals this year was to conquer Fat Face, as I really like their clothes but have never been able to fit into them. Well, I just have. In the sale. Even better!

To some it might not seem that important, but to me, well I can’t tell you how exciting a feeling it was to walk into a ‘fashion brand’ like Fat Face and find several things I liked and that fitted me. A year ago, it’s something I’d resigned myself to NEVER happening. I’d given up on the whole idea. I’m so happy I found my way back.

So yeah I bought a gorgeous top, which I’d looked at when it wasn’t in the sale and couldn’t justify the cost. Here it was, with 13 off, just begging me to take it home. I couldn’t very well refuse 😉 . It’s off white, with a coral bird print, 3/4 sleeves and unusual button detailing down the back. I love it.

A good every day top

A good every day top

with a twist!

with a twist!

That in itself would have been enough. But then. Well then I saw the dress. You know. The one I tried on on NYE and didn’t buy as it was too tight on the bum. Yeah that one. Back in the sale and fitting me perfectly. I could have cried. But I didn’t, I just couldn’t stop grinning. And grinning and grinning and grinning. Of course that had to come too.

photo 3 (2)

Excuse the messy hair and the poor lighting

photo 5 (2)

Not tight at all

Don't know why I love this one - I just do.

Don’t know why I love this one – I just do.

I think I’m going to use this dress as my new weighing in outfit, as the dress I wear most weeks is getting ridiculous – so baggy it’s becoming obscene! But it’ll also remind me every week how far I’ve come and everything I’ve achieved, regardless of how that particular week goes.

Thanks for reading. Just had to share.



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