Slimming World Update – Week 68

Ayup chuck (sorry the boy has just discovered Wallace and Gromit!)

How was your week? If it was anything like mine it was filled with festivities, from Halloween parties to fireworks and even a Christening. What a busy weekend we had. Friday’s children’s Halloween party was a real hoot, with all involved having a smashing time (especially me – I smashed a glass lamp – how embarrassing!) Oscar went in monster themed pyjamas (as ‘dressed up’ as he can manage at the moment). I thought he might feel a bit strange leaving the house in pjs but he didn’t seem in the least bit bothered and had a great time playing with his buddies and eating spooky themed food. I took my Pretzel Pumpkins and at the last minute decided to make some spooky devilled eggs, with black olive spider detailing. They looked (and tasted) awesome and were so low syn (approx 1 syn for two halves) I was able to eschew the cakes and the chocolates and stick to just two spider eggs. I was so proud of myself.

Devilled Spider Eggs. Approx 1 syn for two

Devilled Spider Eggs. Approx 1 syn for two

The Christening could also have been difficult. The service was great but the food table at the party afterwards groaned under the weight of cakes, cheese and cheesecakes! Pastries, buns, sausages, you name it, the buffet table had it all. But my lovely friend Emma, mother to said christened child and fellow SWer, had also provided lovely fruit and salad, meaning I could food optimise, and still feel like I was ‘joining in’.

A Christening Buffet. Thoughtful catering

A Christening Buffet. Thoughtful catering

So, yeah it was Saturday’s Halloween themed Fireworks party that broke me. I didn’t mean to drink. We’d had a bit of a grumpy afternoon with the boy and by the time we got to our neighbour’s, I was worn out. When I was offered wine I jumped at it, not like me at all. And really alcohol is my downfall. Because one glass lead to two then to three and by then I was nibbling at the chocolates and chomping the cheese straws!



I was so annoyed with myself. I set myself a goal for the week and I knew it was one that would require the utmost focus to achieve and yet I’d eaten things I knew wouldn’t give me the results I wanted. So yeah I was pissed off with myself, but I did all I knew how to. I let it drive me forward and went straight back to ‘normal’ eating the next day.

So last nights result was something of a mixed bag really. I lost 1.5lb taking me to 6 Stone 5.5lb (89.5lb). I was a bit gutted I hadn’t lost the 3lb I set out to, but I was pleased it had been a loss at all. So all in all the positive cancelled out most of the negative (most of it – sorry Hels).

We also had the results of our Miss Slinky and Mr Sleek awards that I mentioned last week I had been nominated for. The winner’s were the lovely Sarah-Jane for Miss Slinky and James for Mr Sleek. I couldn’t have been happier (I voted for them both!) Both have completely embraced food optimising and both look amazing in their new found confidence! Sarah-Jane is so close to her target. She’ll be there by Christmas, of that I have no doubt.

Haslemere 7.30 2014 Mr Sleek (James Winstanley-Wilder) and Miss Slinky (Sarah-Jane Duncton) Congratulations guys!

Haslemere 7.30pm 2014 Mr Sleek (James Winstanley-Wilder) and Miss Slinky (Sarah-Jane Duncton) Congratulations guys!

So the coming week wont be the easiest. My friend from school, Helen, is coming to visit this weekend. I’ve got us tickets to go to go to The Spirit of Christmas Fair at Olympia and I can’t wait! A whole day out, up in that London, without the small people. I can’t wait to immerse myself in the festive feeling of it all, but to be honest I could just be going up to London to sit on a bench and I’d still be happy, and grateful, for the day off. I am a little concerned about how many tasters there might be available on the stalls, but I think I’m going to chose wisely and only have one or two. I’ll let Helen have the rest 😉 I would really like to get my 6.5 Stone award next week, so I need to keep my wits about me and plan ahead. I’ll take low syn snacks to keep me going and concentrate on looking for this year’s Christmas bauble rather than on any food that might be on offer! I’m thinking maybe a glass bauble? What do you reckon? I love glass baubles, but I don’t know if I dare, what with the boy. I’ll let you know what I get next week.

Hope you all have super weeks

Big loves



PS – did you see I was chosen as November’s Weigh Loss Warrior of the Month over on the lovely Leah’s blog You can read in the interview we did here if you fancy 🙂


Slimming World Update – Week 57

Hi hi hi!

It’s feels like ages since we last spoke! How’ve you been?? I’ve been good, thanks. Having a holiday was absolutely needed and it gave me so much, including time to do jack! Which, as the mother of a 2 year old boy, I never get to do! Part of my holiday also included the decision to take a weeks break from Slimming World. When I say I took a holiday from Slimming World, I don’t mean I ditched everything I’ve become and went back to all my old ways. No, it was more a case of not counting syns and eating things with a bit less thought than I usually do. It was nice not to have to use brain power on food for a while, but it didn’t come without it’s lessons.

If you read my last post, you’ll know that last week we went away for a couple of nights, staying and eating in a hotel. This was really interesting from a SW perspective as some of the choices available were clearly better than others. The first night I chose Scallops, followed by Salt Cod and a Yoghurt based dessert. None of it syn free, but definitely the ‘better’ choices on the menu. Second night I went completely the other way, choosing duck liver pate, followed by pork belly and a peanut and chocolate parfait! I enjoyed both menus equally (and have discovered that I love salt cod having never had it before!), but it was interesting to me how optimised the first menu was, compared the second one. And all done without thinking 🙂 . Of course the scones we had on the first day were not optimised at all, and neither were the handmade chocolate chip cookies they delivered with every coffee, but less said about those the better hey 😉

Scones and Clotted cream definitely NOT Food Optimised!

Scones and Clotted cream definitely NOT Food Optimised!

Anywho, I spent the rest of the week occasionally having bits and bobs I generally avoid. One of my biggest weaknesses in the past used to be bread, particularly white crusty bread or baguettes. As such, I’ve stopped having it all together. I just don’t eat it any more. It was hard to get my head around this choice to start with and I would get cravings for it now and then, but slowly it got easier and I rarely think about it now. I’ve not had a baguette since I started SW, but last Friday I decided that’s what I wanted for lunch, bought from a local farm shop. I had it with syn free roast beef and yeah it was nice, but I didn’t feel the rapture with every mouthful I thought I would. And actually afterwards it made me so gassy! I just couldn’t stop belching (haha sorry! You know me, I just love to share!) I guess having cut out much of the wheat (not on purpose I just have) from my every day diet, my system was a bit perplexed at what to do with it all. In fact several times in the last week or so I’ve had episodes where I’ve eaten stuff I wouldn’t usually and its been nice at the time, but has quickly made me feel properly ill. The sugar in the peanut and chocolate parfait I had at Moonfleet gave me serious palpitations and I’ve had stomach cramps so bad I’ve had to sit down more than once this past week. I think I would be a fool to ignore my body’s very clear signals that it really doesn’t enjoy these things any more, regardless of what my head says it likes 😉 !

The hardest thing I think I found about having a SW holiday was the snacking. When I wasn’t counting my syns, I didn’t have to think about having the odd biccie here or the odd bag of Twiglets there. Getting my head around noticing things like that again was really difficult and it made me realise how easily the control can slip when you’re not mindful of what you eat. I mean meals wise I was straight back to SW fare, with delicious first attempts at a Thai Yellow Vegetable Curry (from the Fakeaways book) and a Moroccan Vegetable Tagine (from the Family Feasts book). But I really wrestled with the desire to snack! I guess it was a bit mean to give my body all that sugar and then just take it away again again overnight. Several times in the past week I’ve found myself raiding the huge bag of sultanas I have for Oscar. Dried fruit isn’t free, but it was better than gorging on chocolate I suppose.

SW Moroccan Vegetable Tagine, severed with Bulghar wheat and Pomegranate. All Free on Extra Easy

SW Moroccan Vegetable Tagine, severed with Bulghar wheat and Pomegranate. All Free on Extra Easy

So when it came to weigh in this week, I was fully expecting a gain. You just can’t spend a week and a half eating cake and drinking wine and expect anything else. But I was astounded when I found out that gain was only 1.5lb. Tiny in the grand scheme of things, and much smaller than I’m sure I deserve (not that I’m going to question it 😉 ) It’s taken me to just (and I mean just) back under the 6 stone mark to 5 Stone 13.5lb. It would obviously have been nicer if it was going in the other direction, but I can live with that.

So where are we now? Well, it was pointed out to us last night that we have 17 more weigh ins before Christmas. It sounds like a lot but actually at rate of 1lb loss per week, that’s only just over a stone. Which is what I’ve decided to aim for. I have 14.5lbs to lose to get to my 7 stone award and I plan to do that in time for Christmas. It will mean being consistent, which I’ve really struggled with lately, but I believe I can do it. It also reflects that my journey is likely to be a slower one this far down the road, so I feel it’s a realistic target. I’d like to start this week by losing the 1.5lb I gained on holiday, setting me back on an even keel. I’m not saying it’ll be easy this week, but I believe it’ll be easier. I’ve bought lots of fruit and I’m treating myself tonight to a 6 syn bag of cinnamon popcorn. I’ve not tried it before but it sounds lush!

Sweet Cinnamon Spice Popcorn for 6 syns? What's not to like?

Sweet Cinnamon Spice Popcorn for 6 syns? What’s not to like?


If it applies to you, have a great Bank Holiday Weekend. If it doesn’t, Happy Friday y’all. Have a great week