Slimming World Update – Week 17


So this last weekend, we went to visit our friends Ronen and Natalie in Norfolk. It was just so lovely to get away. I mean we love visiting friends and family in Devon, but this was just something a bit different. And our hosts were amazing – going above and beyond, organising a trip to a soft play for Oscar and to the hairdressers for me! It was super. Nat and Ron are also fans of the old SW, so all the amazing food was cooked with weight loss in mind. The wine however? Not so much. We ate, drank and laughed. But hey didn’t I say that I was going with my casual SW hat on?

I was aiming for a maintain this week. I was fine with this in principle. I made this choice. But when I returned home on Sunday, I swore I could see the weight I had “gained”. I was so upset. In fact I think I was just a little bloated. But do you know, I’ve never been able to see/feel changes in my weight like that before. Looking back I wouldn’t notice a thing until my clothes didn’t fit etc. I think this means I am more in tune with the shape, look and (without sounding pervy!) feel of my body. I’ve started looking in the mirror more too, something I’ve avoided for so long. It’s a start.

So anyway after all that, last night’s weigh in was a bit of surprise. I lost 1lb! I was thrilled and a little bit stunned. So stunned that I didn’t realise, until Zoe pointed it out, that I am now 0.5lb away from 3 Stones. So total lost is 2 Stone 13.5lb (41.5lb) so far.

We also had the vote last night for our group’s Miss Slinky 2013, for which I was nominated. To be honest I felt a bit of a fraud being nominated at all – slinky I am not! But I was also very touched. The groups winner was a lady called Corrinn. She looked fantastic in a strapless number she hasn’t fitted into for over a decade!! I was so pleased for her! Way to go Corrinn!

So my plan for next week is pretty obvious – I want to get my 3 Stone award! So a loss of 0.5lb please and a couple more lb wouldn’t go a miss either 😉 . I am still on track to lose 3.5 Stone by Christmas, so maybe I should make it more interesting and say 3.5 Stone by my husbands Christmas party on 13th December? That gives me 4 weeks. Hmmm. Yeah – sod it!



Top: Taken the week before I started SW
Bottom: last night, dressed up for Miss Slinky

Slimming World Update – Week 14


Hope you’ve had a great week? Mine’s been a bit meh to be honest. I thought the week I received the news of a surprise inheritance would be awesome – but things rarely turn out how you imagine. Life takes care of that. Oscar is growing and changing at a rapid speed at the moment and we’re both struggling to keep up somewhat. One day last week saw me reduced to tears (what mama isn’t sometimes?) and craving comfort. Lets be honest I was craving sugar. It also happened to be the day I was making a jar of granola for Ben’s birthday. My Granola contains sugar, golden syrup, cinnamon, dried fruit. It is sweeet! I had some. I couldn’t even begin to syn it! I felt better. Hmmmm.

So anyway after a couple of days that could have been better, I wasn’t hopeful for last nights weigh in. I should have had more faith. You remember I wanted to reach 2.5 Stone by the end of October? Well last night I lost 4lb and reached my 2.5 Stone Award a week before I planned. I am thrilled! It gives me an extra week to work on losing the next stone before Christmas! I also got Slimmer of the Week :). So now I have lost 2 Stone 8lb (36lb) in total. Big smiles all round!

However it has made me think. The craving for comfort food was so strong this past week. Stronger than I’ve experienced since I started this journey. I was upset and a switch flipped in my brain. Its better than it used to be, but I’ve had this reaction for as long as I can remember. Which begs the question, if you’ve always reached for food to comfort you, what do you do when you don’t want to do this any more?

It’s not a question I have the answer to yet. But its definitely something I’m working on. I think it’ll be one of the keys to my long term success. I also think its a question only I can answer. Great – more work 😉

Anywho! I’ve had some great toddler based advice from a Nanny friend of mine and have been putting it into practice. I’m seeing changes already, so hopefully this coming week will be less…. challenging shall we say? I have 3lb to lose to drop down into the next stone bracket and so I think I’d like to do that over the next two weeks. That would be just in time for our visit to our lovely friends in Norfolk.


Have a great week guys. Big hugs (from a tiny bit smaller arms 😉 )


Running out of space!

Slimming World Update – Week 13

Morning people!

Hope you’ve had a good week. Mines been pretty good with some great food eaten. Now Strictly is back and we’re properly into it, I don’t mind staying in at the weekends so much and I try and make our dinner on Saturday a bit special (yes we eat it on the sofa whilst watching celebs being whirled round the dancefloor). Before I started SW, we used to have something like a pizza or something else like that as a “treat” when watching Strictly. The number of Syns in a pizza not with standing (although frightening!), it’s not really a treat if you do it every week, its a habit and to be honest it had lost its sparkle before I even started Slimming World. I want to really enjoy the food I eat now (and I mean really really enjoy it). This Saturday we had an A-Ma-Zing steak for dinner, with roasted new potatoes, balsamic dressed rocket salad, home grown tomatoes, mushrooms with fresh garlic and light mayo. The only thing I had to count on the plate was the mayo. It was a meal fit for a Craig Revel-Horwood dust covered 10! And I correctly predicted who would be going home this week. Sorry Vanessa, but you really did suck!


Sounds fabulous dahhhhling

So to this weeks result. I was a little nervous about my weigh in yesterday. Having gained 0.5lb last week, I was desperate to get back on track. If you remember last week I said I wanted to lose the 0.5lb I’d gained and 1 more lb to boot. And do you know? That’s exactly what I did! Exactly! I lost 1.5lb, taking my total lost to 2 Stone 4lb (32lb).

1.5lb might not sound like a great deal in the grand scheme of things, but do you know what? It’s 1.5lb I’m not carrying round anymore, and that to me is the most important thing. I was as happy this week as I was the week I lost 4.5lb. As long as its coming off, it’s all good to me. On a weight loss journey, the difference between the weeks is what keeps you on your toes. As someone said to me last week, “that’s why its called a journey”.

So as it stands I’m 3lb away from my 2.5 Stone award. Much as I would like to reach that asap (who wouldn’t!) I’m being realistic in my expectations, so I would like to reach that by the end of October.

Have a great week people!

PS – again I’m still not sure if she reads this, but last night my sister in law reached her 1 stone award at Weight Watchers. Considering she only gave birth to my niece in July I think she’s doing blooming marvelously. Nice one Nic!

Slimming World Update – Week 6


My certificates inc 7lb & 1st

Hello again – two posts in 24 hours! I know! Get me!

Anyways, I just wanted to briefly update the old Slimming World story.

If you remember I was hoping to lose 1.5lb last week, to take me to my first stone award. By some unexplained miracle, I actually lost 4.5lb, which took me to my 1 Stone award and beyond, 1st 3lb to be precise. I also won Slimmer of the Week again and Slimmer of the Month (my group must think I’m so greedy hahaha), for losing 12.5lb in Aug. I couldn’t have been happier I tells ya!

However, I knew this past weekend was going to produce some really tough challenges. Ben’s grandma turned the grand old age of 80 this Monday and to celebrate we had an afternoon tea on Sunday, with all the gorgeousness that comes with that (bread, cake, cream!) I’d discussed it with my consultant and spent time thinking about it and decided to join the festivities in a limited fashion, without feeling guilty. I was going to have a small amount and enjoy it. I did and we had a wonderful time (apart from Oscar running round like a loon, but that’s another post!)

What I wasn’t prepared for however, was having someone cook sausage sandwiches for me the day before. I took them, I ate them, I didn’t enjoy them. I spent the rest of the day (actually weekend) veering between being annoyed at myself and being baffled as to why I just didn’t say “no thanks, not for me”. I don’t think it was a lack of will power, I really didn’t want them. It was like I went along in a daze. It really was peculiar.

So what was going to be a weigh in that reflected choices I’d made around a special event, is now going to be effected by a meal I ate almost without realising.

I think I did it to be polite and that is a serious behavioral issue I am going to have to work on. We’ve already put something in place for Ben to help me. When I appear to be making unwise choices, particularly seemingly unthinking ones, Ben’s going to say the word “Rubarb?” to me. Almost like a culinary safety word, just to give me those two seconds to step back and think. But he’s not always going to be with me and it’s something I need to practice myself.

I’ll update you as to how the weigh in goes tonight, but I have a feeling I may not be taking the bag of fruit home tonight 😉