Colour Me Happy at Millie Jones Haslemere

It’s been a tough couple of months. I may have mentioned that. I look in the mirror and I no longer like what I see. Yes I’ve gained weight, but I’ve also lost the sparkle I once had. I’m tried and I recently came to the conclusion that I was owed a little pick me up. A friend recently asked me to babysit later in December and in return offered to look after Oscar while Ben and I went out. An impending Date Night gave me the perfect excuse to do something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

My hair is getting really long and, touch all the wood, at the age of very nearly 37, is still relatively grey free (I find the occasional ones, but it’s still few enough that I can pull them out). However the longer it gets the less I’m liking it. It’s starting to look, well, frumpy. So I decided to have a trawl of the Pinterests and see what could be done to long brown hair to zjuzh it up a bit. How gorgeous is this?

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

I found a couple of images and took them down to my hairdresser, Millie Jones Hair in Haslemere. I’ve written before about how much I love my salon and I knew if I was going to take a step back into the world of hair colour I wanted Millie holding the colouring brush. After all this lady has coloured Nigella’s hair and if it’s good enough for my food idol, it’s good enough for me 😉

We agreed at my consultation to get some subtle golden highlights going on with a brown gloss for shine and even colour. It sounded great, but I think I was just as excited to spend some time away from home, in the calm and elegant environment of the salon.

And relax....

And relax….

Virgin hair, ready to colour

Virgin hair, ready to colour

While she got to work we chatted about this and that, as you do. Christmas, shopping, it was just lovely to not talk about Oscar (well of course I did a bit ?). We agreed we’d start subtley with the colour, as my long hair is completely uncoloured at the moment. Millie couldn’t get over the good condition of my hair (*blush*). She said she could hardly think of any virgin hair she’d had to dye since opening the salon a year ago! A rare treat ?

Ooo I see a cheeky peek of colour!

Ooo I see a cheeky peek of colour!

When the colour was finished Millie handed me over to Paris and Kate to finish the styling at the new Blow Dry bar. I have to say I have never heard of such a thing before, but apparently they’re all the rage up in London. I know my friends and I have said in the past how we can never get our hair to look as good as when someone else styles it. And now Millie Jones have extended the salon and have a section for doing just that. £20 for a wash and blow dry? Why would you ever style your own hair, particularly for an event or a party, ever again?

The blow dry bar

The blow dry bar


Although the blow dry bar doesn’t usually involved curling, I asked Kate if she would quickly curl the finished coloured hair for me and she happily did so. Isn’t it pretty?

A cheeky mermaid curl

A cheeky mermaid curl with a peep of gold highlight

I really enjoyed my time with Millie Jones this weekend and I like the colour, but do you know what? I thought I wanted subtle, but I think next time I might be a bit bolder and go for more colour. What do you think?


Thank you to the whole team at Millie Jones. I was given a free colour in exchange for an honest write up.

I was not paid to write this post. As always all opinions are my own.




Millie Jones Hair – a review

I’m a really cautious Twitter follower. If someone follows me, I don’t just automatically follow back. I take the time to check out who they are. If they’re not interesting to me (sorry children’s footie clubs in Raynes Park we have nothing in common) I don’t follow back. Controversial maybe, but just the way I am! A few weeks ago I was followed by @milliehair. When I looked I saw they were a new hair salon, Millie Jones Hair, opening in Haslemere. Now this I was interested in. We don’t live in a big place and new local businesses, particularly those of interest to me or my family, are always going to be worth checking out. A new hair salon? It was beyond interesting, I was properly excited.

I don’t know about you, but to me a hairdresser is easy to find but difficult to stay with. When I moved to Swansea it took me a few goes but I eventually stumbled on Paul at Boosh. He listened to me and understood what I was aiming for every time. I was gutted when I had to pack up and come back to England, leaving him and everything else I had come to love in South Wales. I moved to Haslemere four years ago and despite various attempts at various salons I’ve not found someone I liked enough to go back to (except a girl I had in Toni & Guy Guildford. Unfortunately I never seemed to be able to get another appointment with her when I needed it, so I gave up trying the end). For me, its not just about the actual cut (although that is a big part of it). I need to feel comfortable, both with the stylist and in a salon itself. I’ve had terrible experiences where I’ve spent the whole time feeling awkward and uncomfortable, have been made to feel like I was just a number, or worse ignored entirely (when I say NOT a Rachel cut, I mean NOT a Rachel cut). There’s such arrogance in ignoring your client and I can assure you such behaviour has never resulted in repeat business from me.

The Rachel cut. Looked great on her in the mid 90s. Not on me. Ever!

The ‘Rachel’ cut. Looked great on her in the mid 90’s. Not on me. Ever!

Now that I have Oscar, taking time to get my hair cut is more of a luxury than I can explain. So if I get that time and I’m spending what little money I have, I want to enjoy the experience. I want to feel pampered and looked after and I want to be listened to in a comfortable environment. Basically I want the best experience for my time and money. I have tried having my hair cut at home and don’t get me wrong the outcome was great, but it’s just not the same. I love the feeling a great salon visit can give you, so I decided to give Millie Jones a go. Last Saturday.

From the off it was clear this was different to any other salons I’ve visited locally. The decor is cool and relaxing, in shades of monchrome, the waiting armchairs a vibrant pop of red. The bold gold lettering on the wall are minimal and elegant. The salon has around 12 seats, but unlike other salons I couldn’t see any equipment or clutter. I was greeted by Millie herself then shown to my seat and provided with a frothy coffee and magazines. Millie explained to me that her specialism was colour, so Kate would be cutting my hair. We chatted briefly then she left me to my coffee (warm coffee that hasn’t been heated twice in the microwave? What decadence was this??)



First time I’ve been to a salon and the gown’s fitted me perfectly – happy moment right there!

The salon wasn’t quiet, so much as peaceful, with cool chill out tunes coming through the speakers. This was a far cry from the high energy, non stop noise I’ve experienced in other salons. My hair was washed by a lovely apprentice and we chatted about her career and how glad she was to have found this placement. Then I met Kate, my stylist. I explained that I have been growing my hair for some time now and am happy with the style I have at the moment, having taken forever to grow out layers I was always talked into having. I was concerned that she didn’t take too much off, but enough so that it looked healthy and fresh. Kate is a very experienced stylist (17 years she told me) and was sure to give me the very best of what I’d described, explaining that any new client should stick with a stylist for at least three appointments before changing their style, as it takes that long to get to know both the client and the hair. She used products I’d never come across before – Living Proof from the US. As she rightly noted, my hair doesn’t feel like it looks. People think it’s thick, but it’s actually fine, there’s just a lot of it. So she used their No Frizz Weightless Styling Spray. It not only smelt great, but it also took any frizz out of my fine hair without making it lank (I think I might have to purchase, when I’ve got a bit more money 😉 ) Kate did a fantastic job and I was really pleased with the outcome. Not too much off, and looking really sleek.


Before I left I chatted with Millie, the owner and colourist. She explained that she’d been in the business for 25 years, working in Mayfair and Knightsbridge and loved what she did, but felt the need for more work life balance (she has two young children). Hence the decision to open her own salon, somewhere where her particularly dedicated clientele could follow her (from all over the South East it would seem!). I guess when you find someone you trust to colour your hair you’ll travel to reach them. Although going back to Swansea might have been a stretch for me!

I left with a great hair cut, feeling relaxed and just a little bit gorgeous. I couldn’t help the odd swish of the hair here and there. I definitely attracted a few glances, although I couldn’t work out if that was because I was looking so good, or because I was swishing my head about!

So big question did I like it there enough to go back? Do you know I think I did. Not only was the cut I got first rate it was the little things I appreciated. Like the mirrors not going from floor to ceiling (I find it really uncomfortable sitting in front of a full length view of myself for an hour!), the chairs that could be raised really high (I’m tall so they normally drop them right down and then sit to cut my hair which is can be quite uncomfortable for me), and the golden coloured spoon that came with the coffee. You know, stuff that has no bearing on the haircut what so ever, but make this an experience you are happy to repeat. And the most important thing for me, was how easily it ‘styled’ when I next washed it (for styled, read blow dried it til dry.) If it looks fab in the salon, but a dogs dinner once you’ve washed it, then really what’s the point? In terms of cost they’re not the cheapest in the area and neither would I expect them to be. You can check out their price lists here. I think they’re on a par with some prices I’ve paid locally and in Guildford and I know I was much happier with the results.





I was given a free haircut in exchange for an honest write up. I was not paid to write this post. All opinions are my own.




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