Birthday gifts for a special four year old

I wrote a few weeks ago about our quandary in trying to decide what to get Oscar for his fourth birthday. Contrary to what you think you might know about children with Autism, Oscar isn’t particularly obsessive and is ‘in to’ whatever it is he likes that day. He’s still a fan of Thomas the Tank, and has started to take an interest in crafting and books. But other than that we couldn’t really think of any birthday gifts he’d really appreciate. We had a notion to perhaps get him his own baking equipment, but was that really what a four year old would want?

The answer was YES!

If you recall we were thinking of getting him a really sturdy Mason Cash bowl for when he bakes. Which we do regularly.


When we went to look on the Lakeland site, we found the one we wanted was on offer. It seemed like a sign. So we went ahead and got him the Blue 29 inch Varsity bowl. And it didn’t disappoint when it arrived. What a beauty!


The morning of his birthday, we bought him in to our room and showed him his presents. He has no real understanding of time and abstract concepts like birthdays (yet), but he loves opening presents and playing with the contents. That was enough for him!

Oscar has a very generous family!

Oscar has a very generous family!


Whatever could this be?


“It’s a giant bowl!!!”

He was so excited when he finally opened his bowl. More than we thought he would be. Then he opened his second and third present from us and insisted we ‘make’ immediately!


Oscar’s ‘Making’ Spoon

So downstairs we went and made the gluten free chocolate brownies from the mix in the Delicious Alchemy Gift Box we bought him. He loved having his own ‘giant bowl’ and it was so much sturdier than anything else we had used in the past. And the fact he got to us his own spoon, engraved with “Oscar’s ‘Making’ Spoon that we bought from Auntie Mims on Not on the High Street, well, this was one happy birthday boy.

Not many four year olds want to make their own birthday cake. For breakfast!

Happy Birthday to meeeeeee!

So yeah, not many four year olds would want baking equipment for their birthday and even less would be interested in making their own birthday cake for breakfast. But that’s my boy. He’s his own man. And we couldn’t be prouder of him.


Mixing it up….

In just a few short weeks time, my bouncing little ball of energy, also known as Oscar, will be turning four. FOUR! Man alive, how on earth did that ever happen? A year. Over. Done. Never to be repeated. When you look at the passage of time through the ageing of a child it makes everything feel so much more transient, so here today gone tomorrow. Literally. Ahh my sweet sweet boy. Every day you change, every day you grow.

So aside from getting maudlin, and feeling all kinds of old ? we’ve been thinking about how to mark our little guy’s fourth birthday. Last year, you may recall, we threw him a wonderful party with the help of our friends at The Hen House, Haslemere. It’s was awesome! So awesome in fact that we weren’t sure what we could do to top it this year (not that it’s a year on year competition, but you know what I mean!) We ummed and ahhed and looked around locally, but couldn’t find anything suitable. Then we started talking about how much fun we had over Christmas and how it would be lovely if Oscar could share his birthday with his extended family.

So that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re going down to Plymouth for Easter. We’re staying in the same apartment as at Christmas, and we plan to celebrate his birthday, with his extended family, a week early, on Easter Sunday. I’ve been pinteresting like mad already for some Easter themed party food and while I won’t be going mad, a centrepiece always goes down well I find. My favourite at the moment is this one. Isn’t it too cute?

A dip filled bunny, surrounded by veggies? What's not to love?

A dip filled bunny, surrounded by veggies? What’s not to love?

Any other Easter themed party food ideas gratefully received. Seriously, if you’ve got any ideas, or blog posts to share, I’d love to see them!

So that’s the party sorted, but then there’s what to get him for a gift. For the last few years we’ve concentrated on large garden toys for his April birthday, setting him up for the coming summer. And that’s been great, but this year we haven’t really got anything in mind. Maybe a bigger slide? But where would it go? Hmmm. It’s a conundrum that’s for sure. And in terms of play toys, there’s nothing he desperately wants and nothing much he needs, to be honest. He’s got more Thomas toys than you can shake a stick at and Duplo coming out of his ears! He has no interest in any of the movie tie ins and flits between favourite cartoons most days (last week it was 1940s Tom and Jerry, this week it’s been 1990s Rugrats – all hail TV streaming services!) He has just started to pick up things (straws, sticks, the Hoover!) and use them as guns, but this upsets me no end and I have no wish to encourage it. So we’re back to the question; what do we get him? What is he in to?

There is one idea I had. It may sound crazy and you may think this is more for me than him, but hear me out. The boy loves to bake. This has been a thing now for over a year. But recently he’s decided he doesn’t like using my Kitchen Aid and instead wants to ‘mix’ everything himself in a ‘giant bowl’ (his words). For this you need a good sturdy bowl, and I just don’t have one. We tend to use my mixer bowl, which is light and topples off its tiny base regularly. He needs something better. I’ve always loved Mason Cash bowls. My mum had one, my Nanna had one. I used to think owning one was almost a prerequisite for being a mum. I always wanted a beige one, just like my mums, but recently Mason Cash released their Varsity range, in cream and Navy Blue. So I started thinking, actually, of all the things we could get him, how about his own ‘giant mixing bowl’? And if we’re going to do that, why not get him the grande dame of bowls?


The Mason Cash Varsity Mixing Bowl in blue. The perfect gift?

Surely that’s what every four year old would want for their birthday. Right?

Come back in a few weeks, I’ll let you know what we decide!