New Years Eve with a small child

No one told me what New Year would be like with small children. Why not? They wanted to pontificate about every other subject. Anyway, I feel I should pass on the wisdom the last four New Years has given me. You’re welcome.

1) You spend the day ‘doing things’, like going for hearty walks. Gone are the days where the day is spent laboriously choosing an outfit and booking taxis.

2) You buy in a bottle of ‘something nice’, to drink in the house, but even you know if the two of you finish that bad boy you’ll be asleep on the sofa by 9.15pm.

3) You spend all day feeling bitter. Cursing your own foolishness for a) not planning to do something more exciting than sitting in and watching Jools Holland’s Hoota’friggin’nanny and b) having kids

4) You try and be positive by doing number 1. And then just come back to doing number 3

5) If you work outside the home, you tell yourself it’s ok because at least you’re not at work. Then you have to be at home and work seems like a rest. If you don’t work outside the home this is just another day at the office for you my friend.

6) You think to hell with it, I’m going to get trollied anyway. Then your progeny wakes at 3 am, half an hour after you fell asleep, screaming for you. You curse your attempt at living a devil may care life and deal with said child while the room spins.

7) If you refrained, you wake up to the new year sober as a judge. Which is probably a good thing as small person now wants Peppa Pig on repeat and even Marines with a hang over are know to crumble in the face of the Bing Bong song.


8) And then it’s all over. You make a firm and solemn vow to do better next New Years Eve. To find a babysitter. Or to host a party. Or to go away. Anything but go through that again.

9) You do nothing of the sort. See you same time, same place next New Year my friend.


Slimming World Update – Week 77

Hello my lovelies – how are you?

I’m OK, I guess. Been better, been a whole lot worse. Had a bit of a shock at weigh in last night. But rather than upsetting me (well it did upset me, but more of that in a minute) it slapped me round the face. It was like Weight Loss Me grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me, saying “Hey! Buddy! Wake up. This is NOT OK. You know that right?” After last week’s ENORMOUS gain of 10.5lb I gained another 0.5lb. 11lb over two weeks (taking my weight loss back to 5 stone 12.5lb). And Weight Loss Me is right. This is not OK.

Last week I just laughed as I stepped off the scales. Yeah it was a huge gain, but it had been Christmas guys, come on! Pah! I thought. I’ll lose it all again in a couple of weeks, it’s probably mostly water. I was flippant and cavalier and I paid the price. A slap in the face of another gain (no matter how small). I didn’t make choices that would give me the results I wanted. Simply not making as bad a choices as I did over Christmas was not enough. I knew that deep down. Granted it resulted in 0.5lb gain and not 10.5lb gain but still!

So yeah I had a bit of a moment in group yesterday. I didn’t mean to, but then my consultant was nice to me and I burst into tears. I was just so angry with myself and sad and disappointed. It’s so hard to just draw a line and start again, when you know what’s come before. I can’t help but focus of the fact that this gain has taken me all the way back to the middle of July. 6 months hard work – poooof – gone like that. And how easily too. I mean, it’s frightening how quickly it all unravelled!

Right, wallowing over. I was talking to a friend last night and we came to the conclusion that this far along the journey motivation is harder to come by, partly because I’ve forgotten where I’m going and partly because I’ve come so far already. I never imagined I’d get so far, so imagining I’d go further, in reality, is proving much more difficult than I thought. Do I really want to go further? Yes I do. Why? Hmm not an easy question, I tells ya. Why do I want to lose at least another 2 stone if not a bit more? Do you know, I could say all the things you would expect me to say, to be healthier, to be fitter to be able to fit into a pair of size 12 jeans. And all these things are true. Honestly they are. But really, I want to do it, JUST TO SEE IF I CAN. Hahahaha does that make me bonkers? Probably. But I’ve spent some time looking at this and while all the positives that come from weight loss are absolutely true in my case, in my mind I just keep hearing this voice. Can you? Well can you? I think it’s time to stop asking and start telling. Yes. I. Can. Can’t I?

So OK, these targets need to be real and achievable. They also need to be far enough away to be realistic, but close enough that it’ll keep me focused. Make sense? That being the case I’m setting my first target as 12lb lost by 11th Feb. That’s in 5 weeks time and right in time for Valentines Day. It requires consistent losses every week of around 2.5lb. It’s a stretch and no mistake but I have absolutely done it before. Ultimately I would like to reach my target weight this year, and although I still don’t have this in mind yet it is something I will decide on this year.

So to make a fresh start and give myself a boost I have chosen to start off with Slimming World’s new Extra Easy SP plan. As I mentioned last week it’s a kind of ‘high volume low energy (Speed) paired with high Protein’ plan. It’s not meant to be how you live your life, but rather a week long boost if you hit a rough patch. And they don’t come rougher at the moment so I’m giving it a whirl. To be honest I couldn’t do it long term. It’s restrictive in what you can and can’t have and having followed Extra Easy for so long it’s taking a while to get my head round. However, I’m definitely giving it a go, to see what can be achieved. Breakfast took a bit of thinking about this morning, as I normally have banana and coffee (bananas are out!). Eventually settled on mushrooms and eggs on wholemeal toast (HEB). And it was delicious. Having never been much of a brekkie person, while I have to time to prepare things like this I really should! Lunch was tuna mayo with lettuce, spring onions, beetroot, red cabbage and tomatoes and dinner was a massive plate of chilli with tonnes of beans in. All good, but I don’t think I’ve eaten enough S and P foods during the day as I’m not feeling full enough. This one takes a bit more planning than perhaps I’m used to, so would recommend reading through the items you can have and getting plenty in before starting! I’ve ended up with a load of fruit, all classed as free but not Speed. Ho hum

Mushrooms and eggs on toast. A great SP breakfast

Mushrooms and eggs on toast. A great SP breakfast

We also had lots of new starters yesterday which was great to see. Loads of people wanting to take that first step to a healthier future. Plus it’s always lovely to meet new people. One of my best friends even took the plunge and joined a group down in Plymouth. I know how hard it was for her to take that step and I’m so, so proud of her. She’ll be covering her cupboards with certificates in no time. The only advice I’d give a new member, is not really advice more an observation. When you’ve been eating what you liked, when you liked, without moderation for a long time, it can take a couple of weeks to get your head in to the zone of making better choices. People tend to deny themselves things instead. Slimming World doesn’t work like that. If you want it, you can have it. Just count it. Unless it’s free then fill your boots. Seriously. I couldn’t have come this far if I had to deny myself anything (least of all smoked salmon droooool). And also, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If ever you’re not sure, the books, the website, your consultant or fellow members will have the answer and gladly share it with you.

So my goal for this week is not to cry when I get off the scales.

Have a great week people


Merry New Year

Happy New Year if I haven’t said it already. Yes, that just about sums it up. I want you all to have a year that is both new and happy 🙂 and just like last year, that’s what I hope for myself too.

Christmas has come and gone and was as good as we hoped. The week leading up to Christmas saw both Ben and I (ok mainly Ben) up to our eyes in flat pack instructions and Allen keys. We bought Oscar a KidKraft Kitchen as his main present, which took two full evenings to assemble and my mum gave him a book case that took at least an hour of Christmas Eve. But it was all appreciated by the little guy, who loves his kitchen (he’s taken to microwaving Thomas the Tank Engine poor old chap) and being able to access his books easily.

Flat pack to the max! But how gorgeous is this KidKraft play kitchen? It's nicer than my actual kitchen!

Flat pack to the max! But how gorgeous is this KidKraft play kitchen? It’s nicer than my actual kitchen!

As we weren't visiting family over Christmas, they'd all managed to get the boys presents to us before hand. What a very lucky young man!

As we weren’t visiting family over Christmas, they’d all managed to get the boys presents to us before hand. What a very lucky young man!

As, we did the year before, we went out for lunch on Christmas Day. Unfortunately it wasn’t the roaring success it was in 2013, which was a real shame. Our booking was for 2.30pm but we didn’t get our main course until 5pm! Thankfully Oscar was an absolute trooper and sat, in a high chair, for nigh on three hours without any real complaining. I was so proud of him. However it has made me think next Christmas I want more control over said dinner, as I can’t guarantee he’d cope so well every year. Short of moving house or building a giant extension in the next twelve months, the issue of not having anywhere to sit to eat at home will remain, so a bit more lateral thinking may be required. Hmmm, watch this space!

Clever mama keeping some gifts back to entertain the boy at the table. If I do say so myself ;)

Clever mama keeping some gifts back to entertain the boy at the table. If I do say so myself 😉

Boxing Day was really the triumph of the holiday. We literally did nothing and it was superb. We stayed in our Christmas jammas all day, watched TV, played with our toys (if you follow me on social media you may have heard I got an iPad for Christmas. Oh, you didn’t hear? Well I GOT AN IPAD FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!) and ate enough cheese and chocolate to put us into a lactose induced coma. It was bliss.

Pyjamas and playing. Superb.

Pyjamas and playing. Superb.

All in all it was a lovely festive break. Ben was at home for nigh on two weeks, which the boy took full advantage of. Daddy’s such a softie compared to mama and many a time the boy simply took Ben by the hand and dragged him upstairs to play in the bedrooms. We also took advantage of Ben being home more to transition the boy from a cot to a bed. I know at 2 years 9 months we’re pretty late to this particular party, but I wanted to make sure Oscar was really really ready for it and besides he’d never manage to climb out of the cot so why change it 😉 . We had to slightly rearrange home room to fit in the new bookcase so took the opportunity to remove the cot bars, just from one side to begin with. We left him in his grobag for the first few nights, but he coped so well we decided to buy him a single duvet (turning it sideways and tucking it right under the mattress) and proper pillow. I still can’t get over how easily he’s taken to it. It didn’t upset him in the slightest and he’s slept brilliantly. What a star!


Reading bedtime stories in his big boy bed

New Year was as uneventful as the year before, but I know we weren’t the only ones staying in. That’s what having small children does for you I suppose. I cooked steaks and we drank prosecco at midnight. Gone are the days of me running in to the street at midnight, shouting my drunken head off. At least for now!

So a New Year, what does it hold? I remember being so thoroughly pumped for 2014, more excited than I’ve ever been. 2015 has me feeling more cautious. I can feel this is going to be a year of big changes (I don’t know why I feel this I just do!) I feel a need for things to happen. Does that make sense. Less excited more purposeful. Older? Wiser perhaps. I want to feel I’m doing the best by everyone. I also want to enjoy life, learn and grow. Not much then 😉

I hope you had the Christmas you wanted for yourself and your loved ones and 2015 is everything it can and will be.





Just in case!

Hello there and a happy 2014 to you!

I wasn’t planning to write today, but just in case the old adage of “what you do on New Years Day, you do for the rest of the year” is true, I wanted to write. My blog is so important to me and I want it to be a big part of my year.

So here it is:

I hope you all had the Christmases you hoped for. Mine was lovely, spent pretty much doing exactly as I planned. I got to see my son opening his presents (all on his own, not like last year where we pretty much did it for him!) and love the things we gave him.



I got to spend the big day eating my favourite foods, with my favourite guys. After Christmas I also got to visit family and friends and have a whale of a time, laughing, talking and having a bevvy or two (or three or four!) I felt very lucky.

New Years Eve was a bit of a funny one really. We were back home and I spent most of the day feeling miserable because we hadn’t arranged to do anything. I felt I was missing out, in a way that hadn’t bothered me for the past two years, when I was either too pregnant or too tired to care. I like to think this is a real indicator of just how far I’ve come. I had the energy. I wanted to do something. In the end we agreed to drink the champagne we never got round to at Christmas, I cooked steak and we watched Waking the Dead with the lovely Trevor Eve on Netflix. And do you know? It was a lush evening. I would still like to be a bit more organised and plan to do something for New Year this year, but seeing out 2013, alone with the guy I love was fab – because we made it so 😉

So. A new year then. I’m not one for making New Years Resolutions. I used to be. They were always unrealistic with absolutely no thought put into how to achieve them. I’d get a few days in and quit or fail. And feel a failure. But this year I thought I’d have another crack at it.

This year I resolve to be happy.

Yup, that’s my resolution. To be happy in my life, in what I do and how I do it. I want to be a good mother, I want to keep losing weight, I want to keep writing, I’d like to earn some money. None of these are resolutions in themselves, but they are just some of the things I intend to do to help me achieve my resolution. To be happy.



I’ve never felt so excited at New Year for what might lie ahead. Watch out 2014 – you’re mine!!!!