Instanatural Argan Oil Hair Mask & Elixir Review

I’m not one for pampering. It’s not that I don’t want to, or that I don’t like doing it, it’s just, well, you know how it goes. Once the babies are in bed you either have a hundred and one things to do or you are literally too tired to do anything but collapse in front of the TV. Pampering is often something that falls to the bottom of the to do list.

However, recently I’ve been trying to be a little bit kinder to myself. Since going to Ragdale Hall, I’ve been concious of how important it is to take care of yourself on a day to day basis, because the effect can be enormous. A bath here, a cheeky vino with friends there. I am trying to be nicer to me. So when I was asked if I would like to try some hair conditioning treatments, it fitted nicely with my small attempts at pampering. Plus since Ragdale, I have also noticed how dry my hair has been. Bethany and I spent an entire weekend in the pool and it was showing. My frizzed out locks told me I had to give it a whirl.

My hair is fine, but I have tonnes of it, making it heavy. It has been looking rather tired of late!

My hair looks thick, but it’s actually just a lot of fine hair, meaning it can be quite heavy. It has been looking rather tired of late!

I don’t usually use a conditioner. I have fine hair, but there’s a lot of it, meaning it can get greasy quickly and conditioners can, if I’m not careful, exacerbate this. So I didn’t have particularly high hopes of a product whose base ingredient was oil!

Instanatural, while sounding like an Instagram account, is actually an American beauty company that only use all natural ingredients in their products. As a devotee of companies like Lush and Burt’s Bees this appealed to me. I’ve never been interested in coating my hair in plastic just to get a good shine on it (which never really worked for me anyway). Instanatural kindly gave me two products to try, a hair mask and a hair elixir/serum, both of which had a basis in the natural beauty product du jour, Argan Oil.image

To begin with I couldn’t really understand how one was different from the other. The directions on the boxes were similar. The only thing I could see was that the Elixir could also be used in styling like a serum. However, to get the best idea of how each worked I decided to test them separately. I started with the mask.

The hair mask comes in a tub and and includes ingredients such as Argan Oil, Amino Acid Complex, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin B5, Jojoba Oil and Avocado Oil. Oh and it smells wonderful! I washed my hair, then applied the hair mask. It went on easily and the box says to leave it on for up to 15 minutes, so this was where the pampering started. The waiting means it’s definitely one I prefer to do when the boy isn’t around. So I sat in my dressing gown, checked my phone and generally whiled away 15 minutes, then got back in the shower and just rinsed (no need to wash again with this one). I assumed just rinsing it off would leave my hair feeling unclean, but seriously once I rinsed it, it still felt like I’d just washed it.


Instanatural Hair Mask

Instanatural Hair Mask


Masked hair

And then I dried it. I blow dry my hair every other day, just blasting it dry and hoping for the best. I don’t have time or ability to dry it like they would it a salon and usually it looks, well, dry. But drying hair that had just been masked was a revelation. Not only did it still smell great, it dried in half the time AND poker straight! I swear it looked like I’d run the straighteners over it and the shine? Well, I haven’t had shine like that on my hair since I was a child!

Check out that shine! First application of the Instanatural Argan Oil Hair Mask

Check out that shine! First application of the Instanatural Argan Oil Hair Mask

No straighteners were used in the making of this photo!

No straighteners were used in the making of this photo!

I was thrilled with the result and those results even lasted through two more washes! Yup, one application and a week later it was still drying straighter and looking shinier than usual.

It was then time to try the Elixir. I decided to try it as a treatment rather than as styling aid. The elixir comes in a dark glass bottle and is a thick blend of Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil and Grapeseed Oil. This one goes on dry hair as it needs to be washed off. It doesn’t smell as nice as the mask, but then it doesn’t really smell of anything at all which is good. I was worried I’d smell of chip pan, with all that oil!

Instanatural Elixir. A rich blend of Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba oil, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, & Grapeseed Oil.

Instanatural Elixir. A rich blend of Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, & Grapeseed Oil.

I did the same as with the mask and left this on for 15 minutes, although it does say on the bottle that you could leave it on overnight if your hair is super dry. I then had to wash my hair. And this is where it got tricky. I use a really good Lush shampoo, designed for greasy hair and even that struggled with this. I had to shampoo my hair twice to get all the oil residue out. Then I dried it in exactly the same way. I knew before I even started it wasn’t going to look as shiny and I was right.

The shine from the elixir was more defuse.

The shine from the elixir was more defuse.

It didn’t look nearly as shiny or as straight as with the mask. However, it did feel incredibly soft. I think maybe this would be better on curly or super dry hair. It really did feel nourished, but I missed the sparkle shine I got from the mask.

The real test for me was how quickly my hair looked greasy afterwards. And I was surprised that neither product weighed my hair down and made it look greasy quicker that usual. In fact I was pleased with both products:


  • beautiful scent
  • diamond shine
  • sped up styling
  • effect lasted through subsequent washes


  • no scent
  • super soft hair
  • nourished feel
  • short ingredient list

The mask was definitely my favourite, just for the amazing silky feel and shine it gave my straight hair. I fully intend to incorporate the mask into my weekly pamper routine. The elixir I have yet to try as a styling serum, but if I did I know I’d only need a tiny amount. In fact you don’t need huge amounts of either product in order to get great results and because the mask is a weekly treatment, I’m hoping a tub will last me a good while. You can buy both products at Amazon. The Elixir currently costs £16.95 for 120ml bottle and the Mask £14.95 for a 240ml pot. The cost is higher than high street hair masks I’ve seen for sale, but the ingredient list is definitely better. I’d take organic natural oils over chemicals any day. And I think my hair would agree!


I would like to thank Instanatural for gifting me these products to try.

I was not paid to write this review and as always my opinions are my own.






My MAD Award Nomination

Tots100 MAD Blog Awards


OK here’s the deal. I started this blog two years ago to give me some head space and to find out what the dickens I was supposed to be doing with my life now I had become a parent. I didn’t go into this for other people to read, they just did. And two years down the line I’m still touched and amazed every day that people still do.

So imagine my utter surprise to find out I’d been nominated for a MAD Blogger Award! Despite sounding like I rant and rave (MAD actually stands for Mum and Dad), what this is is a really big deal in the blogging world. It’s recognition of those who write and share across the parenting blogging spectrum and I am HONOURED to have been nominated in the Pre-School category!!




I’m actually getting a little teary here! Anyway, I don’t know who nominated me (you can nominate yourself I think, I just couldn’t be so vain glorious), but I am so so grateful that they did. Thank you whoever you are.

So here’s the thing. I never imagined anyone would think enough of my blog to nominate it for an award, and I am under no illusions that I’ll get through to the finals,but I would be doing my nominator (and myself) a disservice if I didn’t ask you to vote for me.

And just so you know, here’s how it works:

Stage 1: Tots100 invite bloggers and their readers to nominate, and share their favourite blogs across a range of categories, covering everything from parenting to food and photography.

Stage 2: Five bloggers in each category with the most nominations, along with one blogger selected by the judging panel, will be shortlisted as finalists.

Stage 3: Tots100 invite the public to vote for their winner in each category, with the exception of the Blog of the Year award, which will be judged by the judging panel.

The winners of the awards will be revealed at a red-carpet awards ceremony to be held in London during September, attended by finalists, judges and sponsors, along with a few specially invited guests.

Yeah so – it’s pretty serious!

The nominations are still open, meaning you to can nominate me for the Blog of the Year or to reach the short list in Preschool. If you’d like to do that (it literally takes a minute) you can do here: (Nominations are now closed!)

Should I reach the short list I’ll be sure to get back to you, asking very kindly for you to vote for me, if you should be so inclined.

Thank you so much for all your support, be you someone who found me last week, or someone who has been reading since that first ranty post about Primark I wrote back in 2013! I love what I do, but that anyone chooses to read it has been the most life affirming thing I’ve ever come across and is the reason I keep Mrssavageangel (bless her heart) going.