50 things that make me happy

I’ve seen versions of this post all over the place lately. I think its a great idea to focus on the positive in your life, whenever you can. I haven’t been nominated by anyone to write this list, but what the hell, I need some positivity in my life right now, so I’m taking the initiative and writing it anyway!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the top 50 things that make me happy:

  1. The sound of wood pigeons cooing
  2. Summer evenings
  3. When Oscar uses a word in the right context, particularly if it’s unprompted
  4. Oscar’s time at nursery
  5. Painted toenails
  6. Bare feet10579998_10153262821310616_5956843849656468359_n
  7. That second glass of wine feeling
  8. Eating out, particularly lunch
  9. Getting in to clean, fresh bedding. Definitely cotton, preferably white
  10. The smell of my perfume; Jean Paul Gautier Le Femme Intense
  11. The look and smell of newly cut lawns
  12. Writing a post that illicits a response from people
  13. When people tell me they love my writing
  14. Diet coke in a tall glass with lots of ice and a straw
  15. Facetiming my mum and watching Oscar try to kiss her
  16. Baking. With the boy or withoutimage
  17. Weigh in night homemade burgers
  18. When Ben tells me how delicious something I’ve made is
  19. Receiving unexpected parcels (or letters) in the post
  20. My swishy straight hair after it’s washed & dried
  21. A trip to the hairdressers
  22. Memories of holidays past
  23. Having a full diary (no seriously I’m happiest when I’m busy)
  24. Going on holiday
  25. Spending sunny days in the gardenOscar's Garden
  26. Finding the perfect gift for someone
  27. Knowing there’s something I really want to watch waiting for my on the Sky+ (and the fact I can record it in the first place!)
  28. Selling things, either on Facebook or on eBay (eBay gives me more of a thrill, but FB is easier!)
  29. Volunteering with my local NCT group, particularly at the Nearly New Sales
  30. The smell of washing dried outside
  31. Kisses. Smooches, baby kisses, air kisses, all kinds of kisses
  32. Everything about BBQs
  33. Bread and butter
  34. The five minutes (five minutes who am I kidding, five seconds) after the lounge is hoovered
  35. Making Chutney
  36. Seeing my friends, be they near or far and whether I saw them for the last time two days ago or two years ago
  37. Hugs
  38. Being trusted
  39. A cheeky bounce on the boy’s trampoline11214038_10153887813530616_7339576867824186491_n
  40. Binge watching TV series on Netflix
  41. Having my expectations exceeded
  42. Lying under a large tree in the sun
  43. Popping candy
  44. A roaring fire
  45. When Oscar says anything even approximating mama
  46. Finding good free wifi when out and about
  47. Christmas Eve
  48. The smell and taste of cinnamon
  49. Saturday mornings in bed with my guys10996355_10153746764350616_4561563403846210757_n
  50. When Ben brings me coffee.

OK so I thought that was going to be inordinately hard to think of 50 things, but once I started it was ridiculously easy and I could have kept going past 50! I think this list shows I’m quite a sensory person. Sounds, tastes, sights and smells all feature heavily in here. Who knew!

I think the original idea of this post was that you tag other bloggers to go on and write their lists. However, as this has been going on for so long there probably isn’t a blogger left who hasn’t already done it. Therefore I ask anyone who wants to compile their list to have a go, blogger or not. It’s immensely satisfying and once you start thinking about the things that make you happy you may realise just how many there are, regardless of how small they may be.

Do you share any ‘happy things’ with me?