School Update

So yeah I guess I should update about Oscar’s school situation! It’s been a while. But for the longest time it was so up in the air. To be honest it’s not exactly ‘firmly on the ground’ now, but it’s got one foot on the floor and that’s good enough for me at the moment!

So if you remember it was agreed a while ago that Oscar should have an EHCP (an Educational Health Care Plan, the document that replaced the old Statement of Education) due to his diagnosis of Autism. We were thrilled by this decision, as this (legally binding) document sets out the support that he will need, to get the best from his education. Super! It also gives us as parents some heft when it comes to deciding which school he should go to. Fabulous, but this is a huge responsibility. And stressful. I mean what if we get it wrong?

Anyway, that aside, to enable us to try and make the right decision we looked at some specialist schools and some mainstream schools. We knew the ones we liked, the ones we loved and the ones we couldn’t stand. And we passed that info onto the local authority. Some of which was ignored. I think that was the hardest thing. Having to rely on people who weren’t doing what we expected them to do. Several times I was given details of organisations to go to for ‘advice’, when all I really needed was for someone to just do their job properly.

Eventually we were offered the specialist school we (for a myriad of reasons) couldn’t stand. And despite some efforts on their part, the LA just couldn’t get him a place at the specialist school we really liked. And do you know what? That actually helped clarify our minds, more than they had been for a while. Our Plan A had always been to send him to our first choice of mainstream school, one just out of our catchment, but one we felt could give him everything we wanted. And when we got offered a place there, I cried. Being able to put the specialist school question to bed (for now, everything is always ‘for now’ with children!) actually felt so good. I took that as a sign that, for now, this is the right thing to do.

So now we know where he’s going! Woohoo! We have discussed his EHCP with the school and they are totally on board with it all. There is one issue we are jointly going back to the LA to try and amend, and as this involves money it won’t be the easiest argument (because it will be an argument), but I feel like someone’s got my back now, like I’m no longer shouting into the ether. And that’s fantastic.

And when people ask where he’s going I can finally reply, straight up and positively. And that feels the best. I think because we’ve had to faff around for so long over getting his place confirmed that actually I don’t feel as upset about him starting big school as maybe I would have done had it been straightforward.

Now, if I could just get over how sad the thought of buying him black shoes makes me 😭



Slimming World Update – Week 38


How’s your week been? Mine’s been so mixed it’s untrue. On the one hand it’s been super happy, exciting and fun. On the other it’s been extremely stressful, hard and no fun at all. How is that even possible? Unfortunately I fear it’s because it’s life.

Food wise it’s been an incredibly challenging week. It was Oscar’s 2nd birthday on Wednesday. This bought with it wonderful celebration but also much reflection. Like everything this week, it was Happy/Sad. And with celebration and stress (in my life anyway) seems to come food. I’m not saying I went crazy, but I did have things I wouldn’t normally have even entertained. And once I started, I could feel the control slipping. It started on Friday with Chinese take away (which we had at my suggestion after a great piece of news and having a particularly difficult day – happy/sad). On Saturday we took Oscar and his friend for dinner to ASK Pizza (kind of like Pizza Express). Despite there being various more healthy options (Seafood pasta or risotto would have been lovely), what I really wanted was pizza. I met myself half way and had a kind of sauceless cheeseless pizza, topped with steak, rocket and salsa verde. This was quickly followed by birthday cake, that I hadn’t planned to eat. I couldn’t even begin to syn any of this or the roast I made on Sunday.

I started to feel like “well what the hell – I’ve ruined this week why bother trying any more”. I’ve heard others talk about this feeling, but I’ve not really experienced it myself before and man it sucked. I started to feel so out of control that I seriously (for about a minute) considered not weighing in. How could I face myself on Tuesday? The thought was fleeting and quickly told it was bloody nonsense. But still. I’ve never once considered not weighing in, regardless of how my week has gone and I think this is more symptomatic of the changes I’m experiencing throughout the rest my life and how unsettled this is leaving me, than any real mistrust in group. Anyway, I knew that despite the wobbles I’d had, the very best thing I could do, was to put it behind me and look forward. As someone said last night, there are 7 days in a week. 7 opportunities to start afresh. And while I’m not one to use “tomorrow is another day” excuse regularly (I can’t be – I did that for so long and look where it got me), occasionally it’s the only thing you can do. Accept what has happened, don’t allow it to take over and move on.

So I did. And last night I lost 0.5lb. I know it wasn’t the 1lb I set myself last week, but to be honest I couldn’t have been happier. That’s a total of 5 Stone 4.5lb (74.5lb).

We all doubt our ability now and then (I assume – maybe you don’t. And if not, high five to you!) But seeing that loss just confirmed to me that despite the hiccups and the stumbles I have along the way I do know how to do this. I need to listen to my quiet voice and trust.


While I remember here is another picture I took this week. I bought these boots from Evans last October. I loved them then and I still love them now. They’re leather so I know they will have stretched (and please ignore how faded they are – my bad for not cleaning them enough!), but even so. I’ve never had a pair of long boots look this loose on me and I wanted to share.

Top - Oct 2013. Bottom April 2014

Top – Oct 2013. Bottom April 2014

I’ll be weighing in on Thursday next week as I have no lift to Liphook, so expect my next update on Friday. I would like to loose 2lb this week to start making a real in roads into the 6.5lb I want to loose by May (as explained last week).

Have a great week