Slimming World Update – Week 6


My certificates inc 7lb & 1st

Hello again – two posts in 24 hours! I know! Get me!

Anyways, I just wanted to briefly update the old Slimming World story.

If you remember I was hoping to lose 1.5lb last week, to take me to my first stone award. By some unexplained miracle, I actually lost 4.5lb, which took me to my 1 Stone award and beyond, 1st 3lb to be precise. I also won Slimmer of the Week again and Slimmer of the Month (my group must think I’m so greedy hahaha), for losing 12.5lb in Aug. I couldn’t have been happier I tells ya!

However, I knew this past weekend was going to produce some really tough challenges. Ben’s grandma turned the grand old age of 80 this Monday and to celebrate we had an afternoon tea on Sunday, with all the gorgeousness that comes with that (bread, cake, cream!) I’d discussed it with my consultant and spent time thinking about it and decided to join the festivities in a limited fashion, without feeling guilty. I was going to have a small amount and enjoy it. I did and we had a wonderful time (apart from Oscar running round like a loon, but that’s another post!)

What I wasn’t prepared for however, was having someone cook sausage sandwiches for me the day before. I took them, I ate them, I didn’t enjoy them. I spent the rest of the day (actually weekend) veering between being annoyed at myself and being baffled as to why I just didn’t say “no thanks, not for me”. I don’t think it was a lack of will power, I really didn’t want them. It was like I went along in a daze. It really was peculiar.

So what was going to be a weigh in that reflected choices I’d made around a special event, is now going to be effected by a meal I ate almost without realising.

I think I did it to be polite and that is a serious behavioral issue I am going to have to work on. We’ve already put something in place for Ben to help me. When I appear to be making unwise choices, particularly seemingly unthinking ones, Ben’s going to say the word “Rubarb?” to me. Almost like a culinary safety word, just to give me those two seconds to step back and think. But he’s not always going to be with me and it’s something I need to practice myself.

I’ll update you as to how the weigh in goes tonight, but I have a feeling I may not be taking the bag of fruit home tonight 😉

Slimming World Update – Week 5

Just thought I’d write a very quick update on how Slimming World is going. I’ve been finding it pretty easy to get my head around as it goes. Apart from the one slip up I wrote about a few weeks ago (you know, the situation with the cream!) I’ve been finding it pretty easy to figure it all out and make it fit round our lives.

As it turned out “Cream Week” turned out to be my best week so far. I lost 3.5lb and got Slimmer of the Week. I wouldn’t advocate cream as a health food, but it didn’t derail me this time (phew!) and it taught me some valuable lessons about forward planning etc.

So as it stands, after 5 weigh ins I have lost 12.5lb. I have another 1.5lb to get my first stone award and I am ALLLLLL over that shiz (as the young people say – apparently).

The friend I go to Slimming World with, also has 1.5lb to lose, but this will get her to her 2 stone award. She’s doing so well and last week won the nominations for our group’s ” Woman of the Year” Award (and yes, before you ask, there is a “Man of the Year” too – although as we only have one guy in our group, that I know of, I think he’s pretty much a shoo-in!). I really hope this has spurred her on and can’t wait for us both to get our respective stone awards together next week!

I am definitely starting to feel better in my clothes. Not enough to rush out and buy smaller sizes yet, but baby steps!

Oscar is also in love with vegetables and his new favourite food in the world are baby corgettes.

So it’s having a pretty positive impact either way.

I do have some challenges up ahead. My Grandmother in law’s 80th birthday Tea is next week, But if I stay focussed and stay away from the cream, I reckon I can handle it. I’ll let you know!

Just wanted to share


Hello there

I say hello, as I know there are people reading this now!! EEK! Sharing my small but very personal corner of the bloggersphere with the wide world was more nerve wracking than I can explain, so I’d like to say thank you for the beautiful comments I’ve received.

Sharing in this way, opening yourself up and saying “here I am” is petrifying for me. An extrovert by nature this shouldn’t be the case, should it? But we all have a little guy who sits on a chair in our heads, wearing old janitor clothes, saying, “now then, don’t say that/do that/think that/be that”, don’t they? Or is that just me! We self censor ourselves, most of the time for the good of humanity, but sometimes it to the detriment of our very being. Sharing can make you vulnerable and open to judgement, but it can also open you up to new experiences and greater understanding.

So the comments I got were a gift to my confidence, but also a gift to those who read my words and got some understanding from me. Or a laugh. Everyone needs a good chuckle now and then.

OK, so that was deep!

In terms of my SW (Slimming world) journey I havent had the best of weeks and although I had a great weekend, with old (as in known a long time, not as in age. Oh hang on….;) friends visiting. I also found myself with my first real test since starting. I had planned ahead, and knew exactly what I was planning to eat, but forgot to factor in desserts. Ended up falling back on old favourites, which I think will have derailed me a little this week. However it was useful as it highlighted where my weak spots are and helped me move forward with that knowledge in mind.

Weigh in tonight, I guess we’ll just have to see.

Our little secret


I wanted to write a quick post about something that’s important in my life at the moment as I feel its likely to come up often in my writing soon.

I have recently started attending a Slimming World group.

I know its not a big deal for some, but for others its a mammoth task, both to start the journey and to admit they’re doing so. A couple of people know I’m doing this, and I don’t have a problem with people finding out, I’ve just not offered the information out there. I am rather want to compartmentalise my life (such as not mixing groups of friends etc), so maybe that’s why. Or maybe it’s fear. I do remember thinking when I started,”I wont put it on FB til I’ve lost Xlb etc, that way if I fail I’m the only one who knows about it”. Wheres the joy in that? Am I ashamed? Am I really that sure I’ll fail? And if so am I ready for this journey? I’ve been going for three weeks and already I’m starting to see a difference. I’ve lost 1/2 stone, (7lbs) which in the grand scheme of how much I really have to lose is such a small amount, but I’m choosing to look at it as a positive achievement either way.

I’ve been to “diet” groups before and did pretty well on them. However, I have since gained all the weight I lost (over time). Consequences have enabled me to be lazy, or even to believe my excuses. Funnily enough while I was pregnant with Oscar I actually lost weight in my first two trimesters – my body went in to healthy overdrive and craved fruit and lost any interest in refined sugar. I couldn’t even watch Bake Off that year as it made me feel sick! So it seems I can do it. My body knows what it needs, so it would appear my weight gain has largely been caused by my head. And I think when it comes down to it, most seriously overweight/obese people would agree with me.

Which brings me back to why I have chosen not to tell people this is what I’m doing. The reasons are cerebral, not logical. I don’t do it because my emotional mind tells me it’s protecting me. Well yeah and the same mind told me that after I had Oscar I could eat what I wanted, cos I’d just had a baby and I deserved it. That kind of thinking helped me put on 2 stone in the year AFTER I had my baby. Who the hell puts on weight after a pregnancy?!

So any way I decided enough was enough. I couldn’t keep spinning these excuses and happily believing them. I had to do something about it. I have read lots of interviews with slimming mothers and they all seem to say they’re doing in for their children, but do you know, I’m not doing this for Oscar, I am really doing this for myself. For one thing, my group meets on a Tuesday night. Its a opportunity for me to get out of the house without him. Does that sound terrible? Meh – so what if you think it does. I take my motivation where I can find it and this is one massive motivator for me at the moment.

So am I going to tell people? I’ve always found being accountable is one of the best ways of staying motivated, so maybe I should. I’ve told total strangers, but can’t tell my best friends. Whats that all about?!

We’ll see…..